How to Enable Airplay Kodi – Everything you Need to Know (including IOS 10)

If you do not own an Apple TV device you will be looking elsewhere for ways to tap into Apples Airplay technology. Kodi Airplay Mirroring has supported this technology for a while but its accuracy has been hindered by each release of IOS on both tablets and smart phones. Apple don’t make it easy for the Kodi team to implement this feature.  In this “How to Enable Airplay Kodi” post I will take you through the setup steps required and will look at the current status of Kodi Airplay support. I will address the requirements for each version of IOS (including Kodi Airplay IOS 10) to provide you with the best solution.

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Enable Airplay Kodi – Everything you Need to Know (including IOS 10)

The latest versions of the great media centre solution do have Kodi Airplay support but how good this is depends on the version of IOS you are using. In this post I will show you how to enable Kodi Airplay and discuss its limitations. The first step to Kodi Airplay mirroring is to switch on Zeroconf.

Enable Zeroconf in Kodi

Enabling Zeroconf is the first step to the Enable Airplay Kodi process. Kodi Airplay mirroring requires that your Kodi device is discoverable on your network. This means that when you search for Airplay targets on either your phone or tablet your Kodi setup will appear in your list of available options. Switching on Zeroconf is required for all versions of IOS and has a number of steps of its own to implement. We have a dedicated post for Kodi zeroconf. Please complete the steps in this guide first and then return to this post. [Read: How to Enable Zeroconf Kodi 17 – Connect Phones and Remotes to Kodi]

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How to Enable Airplay Kodi

A full Enable AirPlay Kodi video tutorial is available at the bottom of this post. Once Zeroconf is enabled it is time to switch on Airplay. To do this select the settings cog on the main left hand menu to present the Kodi settings options. Next, select Service settings on the far right hand side of the screen as shown in the image below:

kodi airplay mirroring

Kodi Services Settings

On the left hand side of the screen that follows you will see all of the available service settings. Before we begin we must change the settings type to Expert so that we see all of the settings available. Click on the Cog shown at the bottom left of the screen until it changes to Expert. Now click on Airplay on the left menu and you will see all settings for Kodi Airplay mirroring.

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Enable Kodi Airplay

Kodi Airplay Settings

To enable Airplay Kodi switch on the Enable Airplay Support option. At this stage if you would like to enable a password for this Kodi device you can do so by switching on Use password protection and then entering a password into the box below. If your Kodi device is not discoverable outside of your home network there is no need to do this.

Try running Kodi on a Windows based TV stick. [Read: 3 Best Windows TV Stick Devices- Alternatives to Android]

Kodi Airplay IOS 9 Additional Settings

Kodi’s official statement on the current state of Kodi Airplay is as follows:

  • OS 8 or older: Kodi supports audio, video, and pictures.
  • iOS 9 or newer: Kodi only supports audio.

IOS 10 has even further issues but these we will discuss later. If you are using IOS 9 on your phone or tablet you will need to configure an additional setting. You must uncheck Enable Airplay "Videos" and "Pictures" support as shown in the image above. As you may have guessed you will not be able to stream videos and pictures with this method but audio Airplay will work.

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Connecting Your iPhone / iPad to Kodi

Once you have completed the above steps for Kodi Airplay mirroring swipe up from the bottom on your phone or tablet to reveal the command centre. Select Airplay Mirroring as shown in the image below to pair your device with Kodi. If Zeroconf and Airplay settings have been setup correctly you should see your device in the available list. Select your Kodi machine and your devices will be paired. You should now see your content on screen.

Kodi AirPlay IOS 10

iPhone AirPlay

Now that you have Zeroconf it is easy to setup the Official Kodi remote app. [Read: How to Setup Official Kodi Remote on IOS & Android]

Kodi Airplay IOS 10 – Full Airplay with Video & Pictures

If you are using IOS 10 (or IOS 9 and require video and picture streaming capabilities) you cannot use Airplay out of the box with Kodi. There are however Kodi addons out there that claim to be capable of achieving this. Currently the Kodi Airplay IOS 10 addon with the most hype surrounding it is called Xindawn Airplay Mirroring. It is a paid for product but it does allow a free trial period. Read our full Kodi addon install guide to find out how to install the addon from zip file. You can download the addon Kodi Airplay IOS 10 from the here. We have experienced mixed results with this addon. Make use of the trial period on offer and give it a go yourself. Let us know your results in the comments.

I will update this post with any future Kodi Airplay IOS 10 developments.

Enable AirPlay Kodi Video Tutorial

The video tutorial below will take you through the full process step by step.


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