Thermaltake SMART SE 630W ATX PSU Price Compare & Review

Thermaltake smart SE 630W

Thermaltake SMART SE 630W Review

The Thermaltake SMART SE 630W power supply is an ATX form factor PSU designed for performance home computers. Thermaltake are renowned for producing high quality PC energy components and the SMART SE 630W PSU is no exception. The PSU delivers a 12V reliable power output. It provides 630W continuous with a 700W peak. One of the major selling points of this PSU is its energy efficiency. It is built using Double-forward switching circuits reducing power loss and making the Thermaltake SMART SE 630W PSU a leader in efficiency. It also utilises many energy saving technologies from the major motherboard / CPU manufacturers such as Intel’s Deep Power Down. For these reasons the Thermaltake SMART SE 630W PSU is 80 PLUS certified achieving 80-86% energy efficiency.

Compare Thermaltake SMART SE 630W ATX PSU Prices

Be Quiet SFX Power 2 400W
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80PLUS Bronze certification and up to 89% power. Very small and efficient power supply.
Thermaltake Smart SE 630W ATX
Thermaltake Smart SE PSU
630W ATX PSU. Low-profile flat modular cables for airflow & effortless cable routing. Customizing concept enable maximum power & easy setup. High quality components.
EVGA 500W 80 Plus White
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500W ATX PSU. 80 PLUS White certified, 80% efficiency or higher under typical loads. Heavy-duty protections, OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and SCP making a robust power solution.

In most cases you are better off using a smaller SFX type PSU for HTPC media centres due to their smaller size and quieter output but the Thermaltake SMART SE 630 PSU is ultra-silent. It is built using an intelligent 12cm managed fan and in terms of silent running this PSU does rival some of the smaller power supplies. With this power supply fitted you can choose from all of the mainstream CPUs as it is designed for both AMD and Intel. You still have the ATX form factor size to contend with but if your case allows it then you could make a significant cost saving by going down the ATX route. The Thermaltake SMART SE 630W PSU is a superb choice for a gaming HTPC as it supports all of the latest graphics card technologies from Nvidia, ATI and AMD. It comes with 2X 6+2pin PCI-E connections for plugging directly into your graphics chipsets. 630 Watts should give your HTPC media centre all the power you need to run a top graphics card and a selection of high end components. It is important when choosing a power supply for your HTPC media centre that you have any future upgrades in mind.

The Thermaltake SMART SE 630W is built to last with an expected 100,000 hours running time. To achieve this the PSU is built with industrial grade protections for any variations in the power supplied from the mains to your system. It also uses a feature called Active Power Factor Correction which provides clean and reliable energy to the system when the supply is not perfect. This will not only protect your PSU but also your HTPC media centre components.

Thermaltake SMART SE 630W PSU Price

ATX PSUs are generally cheaper than their SFX cousins so if your case is big enough to take ATX then you can certainly save by using one. As far as ATX power supplies go you can get lower costing devices but not with the energy efficiency, protection and silent running this PSU comes with. With all its features the Thermaltake SMART SE 630W PSU is a great price.

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HMP Verdict

For HTPC media centres we would usually recommend using smaller components but if you are using an ATX form factor case then the Thermaltake SMART SE 630W PSU is a great choice. This power supply supports all of the latest graphics cards and will give you all the energy capacity for your other components and peripherals. Its silent fan means that it will not disrupt your movies and music. The energy efficiency of this PSU means that your media centre will be cost effective to run and will generate minimum heat. Thermaltake make some great products and the SMART SE 630W PSU is certainly one of them. Be sure to work out your power requirements prior to selecting your power supply.