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Mecool K3 Pro

Mecool Kiii Pro Hybrid TV Box Review – Android & Satellite!

If you are reading this article then I know what you are thinking. Wouldn't it be great to have a single TV...
change Kodi profile

Setup Kodi User Profiles – Separate Space For Each Person

Like with desktop operating systems and tablets it is possible to create Kodi profiles to provide a separate space for each user....
enable zeroconf kodi 17

How to Enable Zeroconf Kodi 18 – Phones, Remotes & AirPlay

Kodi provides a feature known zeroconf to allow you to easily pair devices to your media centre with no configuration required. When...
Enable AirPlay Kodi

How to Enable Airplay Kodi, All you Need to Know (Plus...

If you do not own an Apple TV device you will be looking elsewhere for ways to tap into Apple's AirPlay...
Big Box Missing Artwork

Launchbox Missing Artwork – How to Fix

Launchbox makes it extremely easy to add box images and fanart to your retro rom collections. This is done using easy to follow wizards...
Kodi Backup Add-on Install

Kodi Backup Addon – The Old Ones are the Best

The Kodi Backup addon has been around for some time but it is still one of the best ways to protect your media center....
Make Blu Ray Discs Smaller

How to Shrink Blu-ray to DVD Size with BD Rebuilder

DVD re-encoding has been around for some time and there are a tonne of applications out that that will do the job for you...

SSD vs HDD for HTPC & Gaming – Performance or Capacity

In recent years solid state or SSD disks have burst onto the scene offering a different angle to storage provisioning in our home computers....
New Android Games

Best Android Games for Tablet & TV Boxes

The Android operating system is becoming more and more popular. It is finding its way into our homes on different devices from tablets and...
Nintendo Switch Emulator Download PC

Nintendo Switch Emulation Steps Up a Gear with Yuzu & Ryujinx

With Nintendo's latest offering of the Switch being out on the market for a number of months now many PC gamers are asking the...
Add Plex Plugins

How to Add Plex Channels – Addons & Plugins for Plex

One of the key factors to the success and popularity of Kodi media centre is it addon functionality. This is the ability to expand...
Minimize Black Bars in Kodi

Change Kodi Aspect Ratio & Minimize Black Bars on Movies

Depending on the type and age of the movie that you are trying to play in Kodi you may not get full screen playback....