30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List


Welcome to our Kodi skin comparison directory. In this post we take a look at the 30 best Kodi skins. This is the complete directory of top Kodi skins available on the internet today. For each skin we review the features and functionality and provide screenshots to allow you to gage how they will look on your system. The vast majority are available form the official Kodi repository whereas some must be downloaded from developer web sites. The aim of this guide is to provide a complete list of what is out there and give you choice and control over your Kodi solution. You will not find a bigger list! We also provide Kodi skins download instructions for each theme and explain where to find them.

30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List

For those of you who have been living in the shadows for the past five years or so Kodi is a free and open source media playing solution developed by the XBMC / Kodi foundation. Being open source it gives the masses the ability to develop their own skins to change the way in which the application looks and feels.

I have tried to fit as many of the top Kodi skins I can find in this list that are compatible with Kodi 17 Krypton. Many of the Kodi skin comparison entries will work with older versions of the software but I suggest that you upgrade Kodi to Krypton prior to changing your skin. Please ensure that you backup your Kodi solution prior to making any changes. Skins often include many Kodi addons and with a good backup you can quickly roll back any changes you make. If you have never installed a Kodi skin before see our How to Install a Kodi Skin guide post. Each entry in our best Kodi skins list has the download location at the very end of the review.

Best Accessories for Kodi

When you have selected a skin from the below list check out our recommended Kodi accessories.

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1. Adonic

And so we begin with the first of our top Kodi skins; Adonic. The Adonic Kodi skin features an icon based menu system running along the bottom of the screen. From top to bottom you see your fanart, movies and then the menu system. One of the great features of Adonic is scrolling information text along the very bottom of your screen and this is available in different menu screens. For example as you run through your movie library, synopsis information will be shown or on the settings menu it will detail what each setting does. Adonic has many customisable features including the home menu. The Adonic Kodi skin can be downloaded from the official repository.

Best Kodi Skins
Adonic Kodi Skin

2. Aeon Nox 5

The Aeon Nox 5 Kodi skin has a very similar initital layout to Confluence only it is far more customisable. It all sits on a futuristic space like background with the main menu running through the middle of your screen. With Aeon Nox 5 you can select where the menu sits and how many items are in view at any one time. Out of the box Aeon Nox 5 has many more home screen icons than other skins for video collections like concerts etc. This skin allows you to make many changes and has full live TV support. If you thought the original Confluence was once the best Kodi skin and want more then Aeon Nox 5 could be for you. The skin can be found in the Kodi repository.

Aeon Nox Skin for Kodi Krypton
Aeon Nox 5 Kodi Skin

3. Amber

Amber is an extremely popular Kodi skin which I believe is mainly down to its look and feel. It features stunning visuals and as you scroll through your different Kodi menu items you are presented with many different images. Amber has a crisp easy to use layout and you will find this to be one of the easiest skins to navigate your collections. Your content is instantly displayed as you traverse through all of your menu items. Amber is a customisable skin allowing home screen editing, background music changes and much more. You can even add a snow effect over the festive period. The Amber solution is also built for live TV use. The Amber Kodi skin can be found in the official repository.

Amber Skin for Kodi Krypton
Amber Kodi Skin

4. AppTV

AppTV is the best Kodi skin for the Apple fans amongst us. It is based on the Apple TV GUI and has a similar layout and icon styles. It does not have the visual effects and backgrounds of some of the other skins in this list but as a result is extremely fast to operate. You can customise the main Kodi menu and choose between either a horizontal or icon style layout. It stays inline with the Apple TV with a similar looking logo on boot up. App TV is simple, fast and cutomisable and for all those Apple fans out there. It also features full touch support. App TV can be found in the Kodi repository.

App TV Skin for Kodi Krypton
AppTV Kodi Skin

5. Arctic Zephr

For me Arctic Zephr is simply the best Kodi skin and a personal favourite of mine. I have used it on many of my media centre solutions. It is perhaps the most elegant of the Kodi skins and will give your Kodi setup a calm relaxing feel to it. It has a cloud background on which your media library box art sits nicely upon. Not only does it look great but the Arctic Zephr skin is extremely customisable. You can edit the Kodi menu, change the layout of the home screen or add Kodi background music. The mouse is disabled within this skin and all control is done using either a keyboard or remote. The Arctic Zephr skin can be found in the Kodi repository. In my opinion Arctic Zephr is the very best Kodi skin. [Read: Arctic Zephyr Install: Arctic Zephyr Kodi Skin for Elegance]

Arctic Zephr Skin for Kodi Krypton
Arctic Zephyr Kodi Skin

6. Bello 6

Bello 6 is a simple but effective Kodi skin. It has a clean crisp text based layout with minimal visuals. If you want your HTPC solution to be about your content without the overkill of graphics then this skin is for you. One thing I liked about this skin is its focus on the Search function and “Search” is the first item in the main menu. This makes it extremely easy to find what you want to watch. With its simplistic form Bello 6 is extremely easy to navigate and if you have large media collections this can help. The home screen is fully customisable and you can easily add and remove menu items. Bello 6 has a nice looking side by side movie box and fanart image when you are browsing through your collections. The Bello 6  skin can be found in the Kodi repository.

Bello Skin for Kodi Krypton
Bello 6 Kodi Skin

7. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is one of the most visually stunning Kodi skins you will find and as you scroll through the menu items you are continually presented with high quality bright backgrounds. The focus is clearly on the look of the skin but the developers did not compromise on functionality to deliver this. With Black Glass Nova you can customise your Kodi navigation or change the layout of the home screen. There is an area in the skin settings page where you can edit and customise your own background images for each menu item and really tailor your Kodi setup to you. Like with Bello 6 it focuses on Search functionality and you get a larger “Search” entry as your first menu item. Black Glass Nova also has full live TV support. The skin can be found in the Kodi repository.

Black Glass Nova Skin for Kodi Krypton
Black Glass Nova Kodi Skin

8. Box

The name box is fitting for this Kodi skin as the entire interface is built on a series of boxes. The desktop is minimalistic and only contains the real features that you need. The aim of this skin is to deliver your content. Along the top of the screen are three icons; Movies, TV Shows and Music. As you scroll though, each of your collections are displayed beneath ready for you to access. The skin is fully customisable and supports live TV. The Box skin is available to download from the Kodi repository.

Box Skin for Kodi Krypton
Box Kodi Skin

9. Chroma

Chroma is a great skin for those of you who like your artwork. When you launch the skin you will be presented with a colourful layout which has a rather commercial feel to it. The first item in the main menu is “Search” making it extremely easy to locate your favourite films or TV shows. The Chroma skin has many customisable settings for both your box art and fan art and if you are someone who wants your collections to look great then this is for you. The menus and layout can be set how you want them and the skin supports live TV. The Chroma skin can be downloaded from the Kodi repository.

Chroma Skin for Kodi Krypton
Chroma Kodi Skin

10. Confluence

Entry number 10 in our Kodi skin comparison is confluence. In any best Kodi skins list the original Confluence skin has to get a mention. This has been the default skin for so many years and has only recently been replaced in Kodi Krypton. When compared to many of the other skins in this list Confluence is rather basic. You cannot customise your Kodi home screen or change your layout but this is the classic skin that we all know and love. For many hardened users Confluence is Kodi and the media solution would not be the same without it. For this reason it must make our best Kodi skins discussion. Although Confluence is no longer the default skin in Kodi Krypton it is still included in the install and you can switch back to it if you are missing it too much! [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Top Kodi Skins
Confluence Kodi Skin

11. Eminence 2

Eminence 2 has a great layout to it and the developer has managed to fit a lot of information into a single view. On the main home screen you are presented with fan art, box art, synopsis information and all menu items. You do not need to scroll across to access the entire menu as all buttons are visible on the main screen. This makes it extremely easy for someone new to a media centre to find what they are looking for. The screen is divided into rows and you get one for fan art, one for collections and one for menu items. The skin has lots of customisation features and supports live TV.  This could be the best Kodi skin for layout and there are few with such comfortable navigation. The Eminence 2 skin is available from the Kodi repository.

Eminence Skin for Kodi Krypton
Eminence 2 Kodi Skin

12. Estouchy

And now for the first of our top Kodi skins for touch screen devices. Estouchy was one of the newly released skins with Kodi 17 Krypton. It is based on the new default skin Estuary (covered next) but as the name suggests is designed for tablet use. It has a similar look and feel to it but all of the icons and menus have been designed for touch screen. For feature details see the next entry in our list (Estuary) as they are pretty much the same. Estouchy is currently one of the best Kodi skins for touch screen devices. There is no download link for this skin as it comes as part of the Kodi Krypton install. If you want this skin upgrade to Kodi 17 Krypton now.

13. Estuary

The Estuary skin has now replaced Confluence as the default default skin and after so many years it was time for this change. Estuary can be used with Kodi 17 Krypton only and is not supported with older versions. The skin looks great and is much easier to navigate than the previous default. In terms of its features it isn’t too dissimilar from Confluence but has added support for both touch and PVR. Estuary is lacking somewhat in the customisation department and there are better skins for this.  If you want the look of Estuary but with the customisable features of other skins see Estuary Mod. This is the perfect skin to become the new default and it should be in this spot for a number of years. [Read: How to Play Blu-ray Movie Discs with Kodi]

Kodi Skin Comparison
Estuary Kodi Skin

14. Estuary Mod

The new default Kodi skin Estuary packaged with version 17 Krypton is a great new skin but what it lacks is customisability. Estuary Mod is a skin based on the new default skin but gives you a far greater level of control over your system. This skin is great for the first time user as it is both easy to use and understand. It looks very similar to Estuary but with a slightly tweaked layout. It allows you to change and add to the Kodi main menu and configure your background music and imagery. If you think that Estuary is the best Kodi skin but want more control then you need to take a look at Estuary Mod. The Estuary Mod Kodi skin is available to download  from the Guilouz repository. [Read: Estuary Mod Install from the Guilouz Repository]

Estuary Mod Skin for Kodi Krypton
Estuary Mod Kodi Skin

15. fTV

And now for something for the Fire TV lovers in our best Kodi skins list. This Kodi skin comparison contains two skins for the Fire TV but both are based on FTV. If you love the Fire TV OS layout then with FTV your Kodi solution can look just like it.  Its design is based on the original Fire TV theme with the same layout and very similar icons. When you install the Kodi fTV skin you will struggle to notice the difference between Kodi and your Fire TV. [Read: Kodi FTV Skin Install – Makes Kodi Look like the Fire TV]

FTV Skin For Kodi Krypton
Kodi FTV Skin

This is the perfect skin for Kodi installations on the Fire TV or Fire Stick where you want to retain the original look and feel of your device. There is no mouse support with FTV so that it remains inline with the original product. The FTV skin is easy to configure and highly customisable. The FTV Kodi skin can be downloaded in zip form from the Kodi forum. See our FTV Skin Install Guide.

16. fTV Fred Edition

Based on the previously mentioned FTV skin, FTV Fred edition gives you the same feel but with live TV. It’s main aim is to make your Kodi solution look and feel like the Amazon Fire TV operating system. It has all of the features of the fTV skin with the addition of live TV support. The original fTV skin lacked live TV and so the developer Sualfred rejigged the skin adding full support. The skin offers the same layout and features and is equally as customisable. fTV Fred edition is for those who want the Amazon look with support for live TV. It is without doubt one of the best Kodi skins for Fire TV. The fTV Fred edition skin can be downloaded from GitHub.

Best Kodi Skin
Kodi FTV Fred Edition Skin

17. Fuse Neue

The Fuse Neue skin is one of the best looking Kodi skins and uses a thin menu strip accross the top of your screen to really showcase your fan art. Fuse Neue makes it extremely easy to find your content and like with some of the other skins the “Search” function is built into the main menu. Its is a fully customisable skin and also has built in Kodi backup and restore features making it extremely easy to protect your media centre. This is for those who love the way your collections look and is one of the best Kodi skins for art work. The Fuse Neue Kodi skin can be downloaded from the offical repo.

Fuse Skin For Kodi Krypton
Fuse Neue Kodi Skin

18. Metropolis

Metropolis is one of the few Kodi skins with a vertical menu layout by default. With the Metropolis design the  screen layout is really split into three sections. The menu is down the left, your media artwork is displayed on the right and the bottom payne is used to display your content. The settings screen is rather unique and is set out like a pack of playing cards. The Metropolis Kodi skin offers many features and customisations. It is available to download from the Kodi repository.

Metropolis Skin For Kodi Krypton
Metropolis Kodi Skin

19. Mimic

Mimic is another skin that favours the vertical menu layout and its menu system is extremely simple.  When the developer designed this skin the aim was to create an amalgamation of all of the best features from different skins and build them into an easy to use solution. I really like the way in which Mimic displays your media content. The screen shot below shows the default movie layout and you see a thumbnail of each movie with synopsis information alongside it. Mimic has a “Search” function built into its main menu and supports live TV. You can pickup the Mimic skin from the Kodi Repo.

Mimic Skin For Kodi Krypton
Mimic Kodi Skin

20. Nebula

The Nebula Kodi skin has the same feel of elegance to it as Arctic Zephr. To provide a simple light or dark skin for full HD screens is the aim of this skin design. The Nebula dekstop is divided into rows. The main icons for accessing your media are shown across the middle of the screen and as you scroll through any sub menus are displayed beneath. Above the menu options you can easily access both recommended and recently added movies or episodes. Simply press the up arrow to access your player controllers. The Nebula navigation system is extremely easy to use to find and play your media. It supports live TV and there are plenty of customisation options. The Nebula Kodi skin is available from the main Kodi download repository.

Nebula Skin For Kodi Krypton
Nebula Kodi Skin

21. Omni

Omini is a Kodi skin with a real focus on your content. If you have a real interest in media and do not want to be bombarded with visuals that you will never use then this is for you. The skin features an omini-presnet menu down the left hand side of your screen. It is free from clutter and only shows the items you are likely to use. The look of the Omni skin will not fail to impress. Omni is one of the best Kodi skins if your content is the most important thing to you without all the gimmicks. It fully supports home screen customisations. The Omni skin is available from the main repository.

Omni Skin For Kodi Krypton
Omni Kodi Skin

22. Pellucid

Built for the living room with minimum fuss the Pellucid skin with give you easy access to your media content. When you first launch the Pellucid skin you see nothing onscreen other than the date and time. To access the Kodi menu you must hit the left key on a remote or keyboard and it will appear on the left side. With the Pellucid skin only the items that you are likely to use make it into the main menu. The menu is customisable and the menu items feature small animations that look great as you navigate through your options. The Pellucid Kodi skin is available form the official repository.

Pellucid Skin For Kodi Krypton
Pellucid Kodi Skin

23. Phenomenal

Elegance, simplicity and professionalism are the Phenomenal skins guidelines and the developers have achieved this. It features a left hand vertical menu system with the bulk of the screen available to display content and artwork. With the Phenomenal skin a small preview of what each menu item contains is provided at the bottom right of the screen. One area where the Phenomenal skin excels all others is its backup & restore capabilities. The skin makes it extremely easy to backup your skin settings and features and restore them should your system fail. The Phenomenal skin is available from the official repository.

Phenomenal Skin For Kodi Krypton
Phenomenal Kodi Skin

24. Rapier

The Rapier skin focuses on efficiency when browsing your media. The Rapier design is quick to use and extremely simple to find what you are looking for. It features a customisable menu that runs across the very bottom of your screen. A great addition to the Rapier skin is the recommendations it makes to you on the home screen. On the right it displays recently added movies and content that you already have in progress. On the left it displays cinema releases and new up and coming movies. New release notifications are something that are not included with the majority of other top Kodi skins. The Rapier skin can be downloaded from the official repo.

Rapier Skin For Kodi Krypton
Rapier Kodi Skin

25. ReFocus

The ReFocus Kodi skin has a rather simplistic layout similar to that of Confluence. When building this skin the developer looked for a balance of elegance, simplicity, refinement and consistency and this has been achieved. The skin leaves plenty of space to showcase your graphics and provides great fan art visualisations. ReFocus has many custom options including imagery, home menu and backgrounds. It also has full support for live TV. The ReFocus Kodi skin can be downloaded from the main repository.

ReFocus Skin For Kodi Krypton
ReFocus Kodi Skin

26. Revolve

Revolve is the best Kodi skin for those who want something different. Users gain access to all of the main menu options located around a large spinning wheel. This remains consistent throughout the skin. When you enter your movies library you roll round the wheel to go through your content. Users of Revolve skin can see their box art for each movie in the centre of the wheel. The Revolve skin is all about the look and there are many great animations in the navigation system. You also have the ability to customise the visuals and backgrounds. With the Rapier skin the main menu around the wheel can also be changed. The Revolve Kodi skin is available to download from the main repository.

Revolve Skin For Kodi Krypton
Revolve Kodi Skin

27. Titan

The Titan skin is a port of the Media Portal skin for Kodi. Install Titan and your HTPC will look just like Media Portal but with the Kodi functionality. Titan has the Search function built into the main menu and it is extremely easy to navigate between the icons. Similarly to the Phenomenal skin Titan has built in backup and restore functionality allowing you to efficiently backup all of your Kodi settings. It offers many configurable background and library settings and features full touch support. The Titan skin is available from the Kodi download repository.

Titan Skin For Kodi Krypton
Titan Kodi Skin

28. Transparency

The main goal of Transparency is showing fanart. Transparency is perhaps the best Kodi skin for making your collection visuals stand out and keeping the menus and options brief. It keeps all of the menu items small and concise leaving the majority of the screen free for imagery. It features a vertical menu system and as you scroll through each item it presents a small thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. Transparency is visually stunning and provides a whole hosts of backgrounds to choose from and animation options. There a skins available that have a higher volume of features but if you want to really show off your art work then this is the best Kodi skin. Transparency is available from the main repo.

Transparency Skin For Kodi Krypton
Transparency Kodi Skin

29. Unity

The Unity Kodi skin is an adaptation of the previous default skin Confluence. There are some differences and it has a much cleaner feel to it. Unity provides a number of Search options. The Search function is the first option in the main menu and there is also a constant Search box just above all of your other menu buttons. With Unity you can configure your Kodi menu items exactly how you want them and it has full support for live TV. The Unity Kodi skin can be downloaded from the official repository.

Unity Skin For Kodi Krypton
Unity Kodi Skin

30. Xperience1080

And the last but not least of our top Kodi skins is Xperience1080. With Xperience1080 the focus is on graphical quality, smooth animations and very well integrated functions and add-ons. The Xperience1080 developers have really got the navigation system on point with this skin. Xperience1080 is easily the best Kodi skin for both navigation and control. The main menu occupies a small amount of space across the top of the screen and as you move through each item the page changes and all onscreen options relate to that menu. The menu is also fully configurable and you can add your own menu items. Xperience1080 is one of the best Kodi skins for its navigation and many of the other skins could really learn form it. The Xperience1080 skin is available to download from the official repo.

Xperience1080 Skin For Kodi Krypton
Xperience1080 Kodi Skin

Top Kodi Skins – Final Thoughts

It you have made it to the end of our Kodi skin comparison you by now should have something to suite your needs. The Kodi software in its standard form offers you a great media solution but if you want the ability to tailor it to suite you then you need a good skin. Different Kodi skins offer different features and different levels f customisation. Some are better for artwork and content display whilst others provide greater control over your layout and menus. Use this Kodi skin comparison guide to find skins that you like the look of and then decide what features you need. Choosing the best Kodi skin can be trial and error so download a few onto your system to find what works for you and what doesn’t.