Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare & Review


Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last year or so you will have heard of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The device is a fully fledged media centre compressed into a thumb sized stick. A Fire TV Stick will turn any TV with a HDMI socket into a smart TV with an array of media streaming capabilities. The device is plug and play. Insert it into your TV and gain access to catch-up TV from all of the main channels, access to Amazon’s vast library of online movies and TV shows, Netflix etc etc. You can even install third party applications on the stick expanding on the capabilities that Amazon intended. Best of all is its price. All of this can be purchased for under £35! Use our Amazon Fire TV Stick price compare table below.  Read on for our full Amazon Fire TV Stick review.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare

Compare Amazon Fire TV Stick prices and other Amazon products.

AmazonDual Core, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 1080p
AmazonQuad Core, 2GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 4K
AmazonControl Firestick and Fire TV with your voice
AmazonFor gaming on both Firestick & Fire TV.

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There are now two models of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The original 2015 version and the new 2016 model. When you plug in the Fire TV stick into your HDMI socket and add in your Amazon account details you are immediately presented with a range of recommended streaming content from the Amazon market place. Amazon designed the Fire TV stick firstly as an affordable media player for the home and secondly to sell more online content. For a small fee you can purchase your favourite movies and TV shows and then play them wherever you are taking your Amazon Fire TV stick. The available library is huge. Amazon Prime members get a large amount of this content included in their membership package. [Read: How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick]

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review
The Amazon Fire TV Stick Boxed

If you have a large number of photos or home videos the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great way to store and display these. You can upload these collections to the Amazon Cloud. Here your collections will be safely stored and backed up and accessible for viewing on your Fire TV Stick. Your collections will be stored in the cloud leaving the storage on your device available for application downloads but can be streamed to your device in seconds.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes in two flavors. The first version comes with the standard remote. It is a simple device that will give you full control over your media collections. It runs off two batteries and these are included. For a small additional fee you can get the . With this remote control you can say the name of a movie title you want to watch and the Amazon Fire TV Stick will search for it for you.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare
Amazon Fire TV Stick Unboxing

Gaming on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

For our Amazon Fire TV Stick review it is important to mention gaming. Not only is the Amazon Fire TV Stick a great device for media streaming but it is also fantastic for gaming. You can now download a whole host of games to your device and play them on your TV. The Amazon market place includes classic titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and you can also download titles from third party vendors. There are also a number of retro emulators available allowing you to play games from old consoles. Games can be controlled using the accompanying remote or an can be purchased separately. There are also third party applications out there that will allow you to stream games from your desktop PC allowing you to play the very latest PC titles in any room in your house.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Accessories
The Contents of the Amazon Fire TV Stick Pack

Amazon Fire TV Stick Specs

The table below shows the Amazon Fire TV specifications for both the 2015 and 2016 devices.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 2015 Version 2016 Version
CPU Dual Core Quad Core
Memory 1GB 1GB
Storage 8GB 8GB
Resolutions 1080p 1080p
Wifi 802.11n 802.11ac
Voice Remote not included included
Alexa No Yes

The 2016 version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is approximately 30% faster than the original. One of the most significant upgrades is the incorporation of the Alexa assistant we have seen in the Amazon Eco.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Apps

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick the list of available apps is seemingly endless. When we produced this Amazon Fire TV Stick review we were overwhelmed with what you can get for the device. There are catch-up TV applications for all of the major TV stations including BBC iPlayer, 4OD and Demand 5. You can stream live TV channels such as Sky News. If you are a movie buff then you can make use of some of the subscription services like NetFlix.

One of the best points of the Fire TV Stick is the ability to install applications from third party vendors and other sources. This is something that you cannot do on Apple’s TV products. With this feature you can install full media centre applications like Kodi and fully unlock the potential of your device. It also expands upon the list of games available and pushes back the boundaries. If you can think of something you would like your media centre to do then you can usually find an app for it!

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price

The Amazon Fire TV Stick price is simply fantastic. For under £35 (standard version) turn any TV into a smart TV and unlock a whole host of features. For such a small price you get a full computer allowing movies, TV shows, streaming, gaming and much more. When you think about how much a computer of this spec would cost you 10 years ago you realize what a great product it is. This Amazon Fire TV Stick will provide hours of entertainment for an extremely low cost. Use our Amazon Fire TV Stick price compare table above to find the best prices.

HMP Verdict –

That concludes our Amazon Fire TV Stick review. The device is effectively a full HTPC media center but the size of a thumb stick. If you don’t want to build a media centre or you do not want the expense then this device is perfect for you. The beauty of the device is the fact that it can play third party applications and not just those that are provided by Amazon. Amazon offers some great content but you get the ability to install true media centre software like Kodi. With Kodi media centre on a Fire TV Stick the doors are opened to a whole host of plugins and addons.

The Amazon Fire TV stick will provide endless entertainment. You can stream movies and TV shows, watch catch-up TV, enjoy top sports and even play games. During our Amazon Fire TV Stick review we found this product to be an exceptional thumb stick device. Use our Amazon Fire TV Stick price compare table above to find the best prices.