AMD FX 8350 Price Compare & Review


The AMD FX 8350 Black Edition “Vishera” CPU is another affordable high performance CPU solution from the processor giants AMD. In this AMD FX 8350 review we will look at what this processor can do for your desktop PC or HTPC media centre and compare it with similar CPUs in its price range. The FX 8350 is the first AMD desktop CPU to come with 8 physical cores and now with higher end processors available like the AMD FX 9590 or the Intel I7 it will not break the bank. At first glance the FX 8350 looks to be a great buy. In our AMD FX 8350 review we will provide full AMD FX 8350 specs and take a look at some of its advanced features. We also list the common AMD FX 8350 benchmarks.

Compare AMD FX 8350 Prices Against Other AMD CPUs

AMD4 Core, 3.8/4.0GHZ, 4/4MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+
AMD6 Core, 3.5/4.1GHZ, 6/8MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+
AMD8 Core, 3.5/4.0GHZ, 8/8MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+
AMD8 Core, 4.0/4.2GHZ, 8/8MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+
AMD8 Core, 3.5/4.0GHZ, 8/8MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+

AMD FX 8350 Review

With the FX processor range AMD boast 2 things; the highest clock rates in the CPU class and the highest number of physical cores. With the AMD FX 8350 this is true. The processor offers a clock rate of 4.0GHz and can be boosted to 4.2GHz using AMD’s Turbo Core technology covered later in this post. As already mentioned the FX 8350 is the first desktop CPU to feature 8 physical cores. The Intel I7 CPU has just 4 physical cores (increased with hyperthreading) so the FX 8350 certainly has enhanced multi tasking capabilities.

The FX 8350 features 8MB cache which is high for a desktop CPU. Think of the cache as a storage area for instructions ready for the processor to execute. CPU cache is extremely fast memory and the 8MB that the FX 8350 has offers a great performance boost. The FX 8350 supports DDR3 RAM. This is no longer the top desktop memory standard with DDR4 being the market leader but is more than adequate for the bulk of desktop PC or HTPC builds. This CPU supports up to DDR3-1866MHz which will play all of the latest PC games or applications.

AMD FX 8350

AMD FX 8350 Specification

The table below shows the general AMD FX 8350 Specs:

Brand AMD Cores 8 Model  FD8350FRHKBOX
Series FX 8350 Weight 200g Mem Type DDR3 SDRAM
Edition Black Chipset AM3+ Watts 125W

The AMD FX 8350 features and unlocked multiplier. This means that if you are an enthusiast who wants to try their hand at overclocking and squeezing yet more performance out of this processor then it is possible to do so. The FX 8350 was designed to be the replacement CPU for the older 8150. AMD FX8350 benchmark tests show the CPU to be approximately 10% better in all areas. This includes the completion of both single and multithreaded processing tasks.

Generally speaking the FX 8350 is comparable with an Intel I5 3550. In many of the commonly used performance tests it will outclass the I5 and if not it certainly comes close. It is significantly faster than the I5 when executing the CineBench Test.  The AMD FX 8350 benchmarks are shown below. In terms of power consumption it is still someway behind the I5 but this is an area that AMD need to work on. For this CPU you will require any AM3+ motherboard.

AMD FX 8350 Benchmarks

To assess the performance of the CPU we must look at multiple AMD FX 8350 Benchmarks. The list below shows the results from 5 of the top CPU benchmark tests. For each test it shows in brackets whether a high or low result is better.



Cinebench 15






Super PI 1M


Single Core Multi Core Single Core Multi Core
AMD FX 8350 6430 97 645 2576 9310 8939 22.73

AMD FX 8350 Price

As we expect with AMD processors with the FX 8350 your get a great CPU without breaking the bank. The AMD FX 8350 CPU comes in at slightly less than an Intel I5 but with more performance in some areas including double the number of physical cores and a 4.0GHz clock rate compared to the I5 4690’s 3.7GHz. The AMD FX 8350 specs are good ands this is without doubt a great CPU for a great price.

Reasons to

  • The AMD FX 8350 specs are easily comparable if not better to the Intel I5
  • Good clock rate at 4.0GHz boosted to 4.2GHz with AMD Turbo Core
  • 8 physical cores
  • 8 MB cache
  • Energy efficient CPU
  • Very affordable CPU at just a little more than the Intel I3

HMP Verdict

Our AMD FX 8350 review showed that this is a great CPU for any desktop PC build. What stands out is the level of performance you get for the money. Being the first desktop CPU to offer 8 physical cores the level of multitasking that comes with this processor is simply exceptional. If you look at the AMD FX 8350 specs the CPU is not just about its cores. The 8MB cache is the same as that you would see on many higher CPUs. The 4.0GHz base clock rate is higher than any counterpart in the same price band and with AMD’s Turbo Core technology you are able to boost this to 4.2GHz you will get the performance you need and when you need it.

An AMD FX 8350 CPU is probably a good sweet spot for most HTPC media centre builds as you get a powerful CPU without the huge expense. This processor is more than capable of playing the latest media centre software packages such as Kodi. It will comfortably play all of your music and movie content. If your aim is to build a gaming desktop then the FX 8350 will play all of the latest PC titles of today without any issues. The AMD FX 8350 benchmarks show this CPU to be easily comparable to its Intel equivalents and in some areas better. Our AMD FX 8350 review showed this to be a good all-round CPU providing solid performance at a great price!

AMD FX 8350 Advanced Features

Below is a list of the advanced features built into an ~AMD FX 8350 CPU.

AMD PowerNow! – Smart power management system used to improve the efficiency of the CPU.

AMD Turbo Core – The ability to boost the clock rate of the CPU when conditions are right. The FX 8350 CPU will boost the clock rate from 4.0GHz to 4.2GHz using this technology.

AMD Virtualisation (AMD-V) – Enhanced features to improve the performance of virtual machine when the CPU is used in VM host.