AMD FX 9590 Price Compare & Review


At Home Media Portal we have done a number of processor reviews but this is the first in the AMD CPU range. In general AMD CPUs tend to come at a lower cost to their Intel equivalent and for no significant reasons. More often than not an AMD equivalent CPU will perform equally as well if not better than their Intel counterpart. The price difference really comes down to the fact that Intel is a more well know brand and to a certain extent you pay a little more for the name. Its true that more developers write their applications for Intel architectures but you will find it hard to find any real differences in the way they run. This post provides a  look at the current top CPU offered by AMD and the full AMD FX 9590 review.

Compare AMD FX 9590 Prices

Compare AMD FX 9590 prices against other performance CPUs.

AMD8 Core, 4.0/4.2GHz, 8/8MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+
AMD8 Core, 3.5/4.0GHz, 8/8MB (L2/L3) Cache, Socket AM3+
Intel4 Core, 3.2/3.6GHz, 6MB Cache, Socket LGA1151
Intel4 Core, 4.0/4.2GHz, 8MB Cache, Socket LGA 1151

AMD FX 9590 Review

The AMD FX 9590 is of course 64bit. If you want a CPU to rival an Intel Core I7 then this CPU is for you. The AMD FX 9590 benchmark is not too dissimilar from that of the i7. The CPU uses socket AM3 so you will require an AM3 Motherboard. The clock speed is the first thing that stands out about this processor and is really impressive. It has a base clock speed of 4.7GHz and up to 5.0GHz when AMD’s Turbo Core feature is used. AMD use the analogy of a car with a turbo charger to describe AMD Turbo Core. Effectively if your task requires additional performance and a core is underutilised it will boost it temporarily until the need subsides.

So what about cores. The AMD FX 9590 will give you a total of 8 cores and a maximum of 8 threads. This is impressive considering that the majority of Intel i7 CPUs come with 4 cores. Not only this but the CPU comes with a total of 8MB cache which is great for a CPU in the home desktop bracket. Used to store instructions ready for the CPU to execute the cache is extremely fast memory. This is considerable faster than your standard system memory and 8MB on any CPU would provide a noticeable performance boost.

AMD FX 9590 Review


The table below shows the general AMD FX 9590 Specs:

Brand AMD Cores 8 Model FD9590FHHKWOF
Series FX 9590 Weight 77 g Mem Type DDR3 SDRAM
Edition Black Chipset AM3+ Watts 220W

One feature that the AMD FX9590 does not come with that equivalent Intel i7 chips do is a built in GPU. There is no integrated graphics processor but you have to ask yourself the question do you need one? The AMD FX 9590 is one of the leading CPUs currently available from AMD and if you are prepared to pay for this then you will be prepared to pay for a dedicated graphics card. The processor supports DDR3 1866 memory. This is not the fastest memory on the market today but is the sweet spot in price vs performance and will not let you down. If you are building a gaming PC then DDR3 memory will comfortably run the latest games on the market today. The price per MB is also far more affordable than the current DDR4 memory prices.

AMD FX 9590 Review

Although our AMD FX 9590 review showed that the CPU can contend with the Intel i7 for performance it certainly consumes more power. At 220W it will require consideration when selecting a power supply for the system you are adding this to. For AMD FX 9590 overclocking you will need to ensure that you have adequate cooling.

The battle of AMD FX 9590 vs Intel i7 is one of the most common things people look at when buying this CPU. With similar levels of performance if you take price into the equation then this CPU is a great buy! It comes in at not far off half the price of the Intel i7 4790k.

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AMD FX 9590 Price

You will always be impressed with the price of AMD CPUs. In general they are more often than not cheaper than their Intel alternative. The AMD FX9590 is certainly no exception. When we started putting together our AMD FX 9590 review we paid £200 for the processor and it is now available for less. This is a performance CPU that will not break the bank!

Reasons to

  • A total of 8 cores
  • 8MB L2 Cache
  • A huge base clock speed of 4.7GHz and 5GHz with AMD Turbo Core
  • High performance CPU for gaming PCs and HTPC media centres
  • Fantastic price at under £200

HMP Verdict

Until AMD release their Zen range of processors (expected mid 2017) the FX 9590 remains their top CPU. We were extremely pleased with our AMD FX 9590 review and the performance it offered. The experience was fantastic when we combined it with an MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard. The multitasking was also good. We tested a number of applications simultaneously including a rather resource hungry Blu-ray decoder and the applications all worked unhindered. The best feature of this product is without doubt its price. The AMD FX 9590 will rival many CPUs in the Intel core i7 range (those currently in the home computing category) and it comes in at around half the price. The FX 9590 rivals the i7 performance. But it does use considerably more power. Ensure that you have a suitable power supply to incorporate this CPU and all of your other components.

This CPU will provide you with all of the performance you need to build a top gaming PC or HTPC media centre. It will deliver any home computing task you can throw at it. This is a top CPU at a top price!

AMD FX 9590 Advanced Features

AMD Turbo Clock – This is a built in overclocking feature by AMD. It will boost your CPU clock rate from 4.7GHz to 5.0GHz when conditions are right.

AMD Virtualization – A set of processor extensions to dramatically improve the performance of virtualization. If you are using the AMD FX 9590 as the host CPU for a number of virtual machines it will optimise an array of repeated tasks.