Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube Case Price Compare & Review


Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube Case Review

The ISK600 is the latest case to come from Antec’s pc case range. It is designed solely for use with Mini-ITX motherboards and as a result is compact in design. One of Antec’s main aims when producing this case was versatility and usable for different purposes and the ISK600 will make your HTPC media centre extremely portable. It will look great in any living room, bedroom or on a computer desk. It features brushed aluminium for its panels to take away the look of a standard computer. Despite being compact the Antec ISK600 has enough bays to house all of the peripherals needed for the modern media centre.

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The Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube case features 3 separate drive bays allowing you to install 2x 2.5 or 3x 3.5 hard drives. At the very top of the case you can add a slim optical disk drive for all your Blu-ray and DVD movies. Antec call the ISK600 a Gaming case due to the size of the graphics cards it can take. The rear of the case has 2 expansion slots (see image below) and can take up to 12.5″ (317.5mm) graphics cards. This includes most of the top gaming graphics cards on the market today. When all of your components are installed the inside of the case can be quite packed so please check the size of your intended graphics card prior to purchase. One thing that became apparent very early with this case is how easy it is to install your components. all hard disks sit in caddies located at the top of the case. These can be changed very quickly or all disks can be lifted out to give full visibility and access to the rest of your components.

The front panel of the Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube looks great with minimal detail and expansion ports. The front expansion ports include 1X USB 3.0, 1X USB 2.0 and your standard Audio in/out. The case features a blue LED that runs across the mid point which looks great when you are watching your movies in the dark. The case takes a standard ATX power supply. As the cases are designed for use with Mini-ITX motherboards you would think Antec would have used the SFX PSU range to continue the small compact theme but they haven’t. ATX PSUs do tend to kick out more noise than the smaller models which we want to reduce with HTPC media centre builds.┬áThat said the Antec ISK600 is designed for gaming computers which tend to be hungry for power and PSU cables. One of the benefits of using an ATX power supply is that they cost less.

The Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube is great in terms of cooling. There are vents on either side to take in cool air and a large exit vent on the rear of the case with a 120 mm rear fluid dynamic bearing fan to channel the heat away from your components. With the space inside the case for components tight cooling is essential and with the rear FDB fan you should not need any additional cooling devices. As standard with all gaming cases these days the ISK600 comes with 4 rubber feet to aid noise reduction. We tested movie playback on an ISK600 build and the noise levels we not too bad and this will depend on the components you choose.

Reasons to Buy Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube Case

  • Looks great
  • Supports full sized graphics cards
  • Supports multiple hard disks for storing your media files and games
  • Great choice for a gaming HTPC media centre

HMP Verdict

One of the biggest areas that has impressed us with the Antec ISK600 Gaming Cube is the clever use of space they have created. A Mini-ITX motherboard looks tiny at the bottom of the case and there is plenty of room for other components and peripherals. Most compact HTPC media centre cases only allow a single hard disk and for those with huge media libraries spread across multiple disks this if for you! It is also difficult to source small cases that can take the latest performance graphics cards and Antec have done well to achieve this and still keeping the case looking good. The only downside is the use of an ATX PSU and we did have space issues when fitting one particular NVIDIA graphics card with the big power supply. As Antec built the ISK600 with gaming in mind the ease of upgrades with this case is excellent and beats all similar cube type cases. The disk caddies can be quickly removed giving full visibility of your components. Gaming is becoming increasingly popular with HTPC media centres and finding a good looking compact case capable of housing performance gaming components is tough. Antec have done well to achieve this with the ISK600 Gaming Cube.