Best Android DLNA Player – Client Apps


If you have built yourself a media server for your home you may have many different receiving devices that you want to stream to. DLNA is one of the easiest and most convenient methods you can use to stream video, audio and pictures. In this post we will assess the best Android DLNA player apps available on the Google Play store. These applications have been selected due to their ease of use or the functionality they offer. Try each of the best Android DLNA client apps listed below to find one that works for you and meets your needs.

Top Accessories for Android Devices

Below are some of our Android accessory recommendations.

VONTAR T6 Plus 2.4GHz Remote
VONTAR T6 Remote
Somatosensory Mouse, Infrared Remote, 2.4GHz Wireless QWERTY Keyboard & Touchpad, Colorful Backlit, Lithium Battery. For Kodi, PC & Android. Micro USB charging.
Esynic 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard
Esynic Wireless Keyboard
2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse. Control Kodi from the comfort of your sofa. Supports PC, Android, Smart TV and other devices.
Steel Series XL Android Gamepad
Steel Series XL Controller
Use for seamless gaming on Android devices. Designed around the best controllers on the market. Fully customisable. Up to 40 hours battery life. Bluetooth connectivity.
SONOS Play 1 Wireless Speaker
SONOS Play 1
Wireless speaker system. Stream your music from any Android device. Play content from Spotify or Amazon Music. Link multiple Play 1 speakers.
WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD
WD Elements 2TB
USB 3.0 portable hard drive in black. Extra storage for your Android devices. Carry your Kodi media libraries in your pocket.
VR Headset for Android Smartphones
Android VR Headset
Fully immerse yourself in virtual reality using your smartphone. Watch your movies, TV shows or play your games and feel like you are there.

Best Android DLNA Player – Client Apps

The best Android DLNA receiver solutions specified in this post are used to receive streamed content from a DLNA media server. Each application is free to download and try but some come with in app purchases for additional features. We start by exploring general Android DLNA receiver applications primarily designed for tablet devices. The last couple of applications shown are designed for smartphone use. [Read: Enable Kodi DLNA – Create a Kodi Media Server]

VLC Media Player for Android

VLC Media Player is one of the best media playing solutions out there for the Windows PC. The Android version is a great addition to the range. This is an all-round media playing solution giving you a player capable of launching a broad range of different media file types. If you install VLC media player to your Android device you will have little need for any other media playing tools. VLC has one of the best Android DLNA receiver app solutions built into it. You can quickly and easily browse the content of your media server and play your files. [Read: Plex Media Server Review – Stream to Multiple Rooms & Devices]

Best Android DLNA Player
VLC Media Player

Bubble UPnP

Bubble UPnP is the second app in our Best Android DLNA Player list. It is a popular choice and you will see reviews and comments about it all over the internet. It is an extremely easy to use application with no config required to find your DLNA media servers. Bubble UPnP is simply a receiving client and once it has connected you up to your media server you can use any player on your Android device to launch the media file. There is both a free and a paid for version of Bubble UPnP. The free version will cater for many of your streaming needs whilst the paid for version is ad free with additional features. Bubble UPnP is certainly up there with the best Android DLNA app solutions. [Read: Plex Media Server Install – Three Easy Steps]

Best Android DLNA App
Bubble UPnP/DLNA Player


Another best Android DLNA App is AirWire. AirWire has a very professional look and feel to it and has clear and concise navigation. One of the areas in which AirWire really excels is in its use of cloud based storage solutions. Along with its DLNA capabilities if you keep your music, photos or movies on some of the top cloud based storage solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive then AireWire makes it extremely easy to browse these files and launch them. AirWire is free to download and use but does have some in app purchases. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

Best Android DLNA Receiver App
AirWire DLNA App

AllConnect – Play & Stream

AllConnect – Play & Stream is a an Android DLNA client app that I would describe as simple yet very effective. The process for streaming your media could not be simpler. Click on the “Servers” icon shown in the image below. Choose your media server and then browse its contents. AllConnect – Play & Stream does not display things like movie box art from your media server which is a shame but on the flip side this is one of the easiest to use DLNA receivers out there. The menu system is superbly laid out and all of the required configuration is done for you. Install the app and in just a few clicks you can be streaming! AllConnect – Play & Stream makes our best Android DLNA client app list due to its ease of use.[Read: How to Enable Airplay Kodi – Everything you Need to Know (including IOS 10)]

Best Android DLNA Client App
AllConnect Play & Stream!

MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA

Next on our list we have the MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA client. With MediaHouse you simply configure your media file sources and then launch your files. MediaHouse allows you to easily create play lists from all of your sources. Set up your evenings entertainment all in one hit. Select the “Players” button to access both your media content on your local device and you will see a full list of DLNA media servers available on your local network. MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA makes all of your media streaming activities simple! If features in our best Android DLNA client app list due to its cross source Playlist feature.[Read: Gaming On Your HTPC]

Best DLNA App For Media Server
MediaHouse Android DLNA App

Best Android DLNA App for Smartphone

The next two solutions are the some of the best Android DLNA client app products designed for the small screen. These will work on tablet devices but they have been built for the smartphone.


AnDLNA is one of the best Android DLNA player applications that is designed for mobile phone use. The app delivers the perfect mobile streaming solution with extremely simple navigation and minimalistic screens. When you open the app AnDLNA will immediately scan your local network for DLNA media servers listing any that it finds. Simply click on a server to browse its libraries and launch its files. There are no real advanced features with AnDLNA but if you simply want to stream with no hassle particularly on mobiles then this a great product.

Best DLNA Receiver for Media Server
AnDLNA Android DLNA Client


As the name suggests SmartDLNA is an Android DLNA client designed for the smartphone. The interface is extremely simple. You can browse local media content or hit the “Devices” button to browse DLNA servers on your home network. SmartDLNA perhaps does not have the feature set of some of the other best Android DLNA Player Apps in this list but it does what it needs to. Turn any smart phone into a decent media receiver and watch all of your favourite content on the small screen.. [Read: Best Blu-ray Player Software]

Best DLNA Client for Media Server
SmartDLNA Anroid DLNA Client

Best Android DLNA Client App – Final Thoughts

And that concludes our Best Android DLNA receiver app list. If you are using a tablet device then I recommend that you use VLC as your first port of call. VLC is a fantastic media player solution for the PC and the Android version also has some great functionality. It will provide you with easy access to the files on your media server and will also display box art and imagery. If you are using a smartphone device then either of the two best Android DLNA player app solutions specified will do the job. DLNA is a great way to stream your media content to a whole host of devices.