Best Android Games for Tablet & TV Boxes


The Android operating system is becoming more and more popular. It is finding its way into our homes on different devices from tablets and smart phones to TV boxes. Not only does it allow us to run different apps to complete tasks and manage our lives but it also provides a great platform for gaming. With the Android operating system predominantly based around touch screen devices it brings a new dimension to the gaming world. In this post we will take a look at some of the very best games for Android. Our list includes some of the best games for tablet, smartphone & TV streaming boxes.

Accessory Solutions for Android Devices

Below are some of our editors picks for top accessories for Android devices.

VONTAR T6 Plus 2.4GHz Remote
VONTAR T6 Remote
Somatosensory Mouse, Infrared Remote, 2.4GHz Wireless QWERTY Keyboard & Touchpad, Colorful Backlit, Lithium Battery. For Kodi, PC & Android. Micro USB charging.
Esynic 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard
Esynic Wireless Keyboard
2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse. Control Kodi from the comfort of your sofa. Supports PC, Android, Smart TV and other devices.
Steel Series XL Android Gamepad
Steel Series XL Controller
Use for seamless gaming on Android devices. Designed around the best controllers on the market. Fully customisable. Up to 40 hours battery life. Bluetooth connectivity.
SONOS Play 1 Wireless Speaker
SONOS Play 1
Wireless speaker system. Stream your music from any Android device. Play content from Spotify or Amazon Music. Link multiple Play 1 speakers.
WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD
WD Elements 2TB
USB 3.0 portable hard drive in black. Extra storage for your Android devices. Carry your Kodi media libraries in your pocket.
VR Headset for Android Smartphones
Android VR Headset
Fully immerse yourself in virtual reality using your smartphone. Watch your movies, TV shows or play your games and feel like you are there.

Best Android Games for Tablet & TV Boxes

The Google Play Store is now jam packed with games to download for the Android OS and the choice is endless. In our best Android games list we try to whittle this down to just a handful. In order to include something for everyone we have tried to select one game from each of the popular genres including; Action, Sports, Puzzle, Fighting and Racing. We have also added a game that is yet to be released. Our selections are based on reviews, internet feedback and our own gaming experiences. Beneath each game you will find links to explore more top Android games from that genre to help you dig out what you are looking for. If you like the look of any of the titles we offer you can find them at the Google Play Store. [Read: Best Android UK TV Apps – Catch-up & Live TV]

Dash Galactic – Action Game

Dash Galactic is game for those who want instant action and simply want to blow stuff up! If ever you played the PlayStation classic Loaded the game follows similar lines. In the game you control one of three characters in an attempt to defeat the evil TOXON Empire. A Galactic Knight known as Dash Galactic, EMMA 10 the female force or the Ninja Alien Xeno. The game offers a single player mode where you are accompanied by two computer characters or online multiplayer co-op. [Read: Best PC Game Controllers for HTPC – Emulators & Steam]

New Android Games
Dash Galactic for Android

The game allows you to choose from a series of missions with each lasting for between 3 & 5 minutes. Blast your way through different scenes and collect loot at the end of each mission. The game encourages you to work as part of a team rather than go at it alone which makes for a great co-op. The graphics and animations are neat and look like they were designed for a good games console or arcade rather than portable gaming devices. The controls are simple to use and you will find yourself blasting through the levels in no time. Dash Galactic is one of the best Android games for tablet, smartphone or TV box if you want fast and energetic action. [Read: How to Install Amazon Store on Android – For Apps & Offers]

FIFA Mobile – Sports Games

If you are into your sports titles and enjoy the beautiful game then one of the best games for Android is FIFA Mobile. FIFA Mobile is similar to the popular games console version but the control mechanisms are designed and optimized for tablet & touchscreen devices. All of the play can be conducted using different swipes of the screen. Swipe in a direction to move a player or to produce a shot on goal. It may not be how you are used to playing FIFA titles but there is an intuitive training mode that can be used to get you up and running. [Read: Best Android DLNA Player – Client Apps]

FIFA Mobile is free to download but many in app purchases are available for you to make use of. There are different modes you can choose, from basic training sessions to full campaigns and tournaments. The game is heavily based on achievements and as you work your way through the different tasks you can collect different rewards and build your teams/skills. FIFA Mobile features regular updates and makes changes for up coming events like World Cups and Euro competitions. FIFA Mobile is one of the best games for tablet if sport is your thing! [Read: Sideload Apps to Amazon Fire TV & Stick using ADB]

The Room – Puzzle Games

One of the best Android games for those who like a puzzle is The Room. If you remember the classic PC title “The 7th Guest”, this game has that similar sort of scary feel to it. The Room is a single player game that features some great cinematics. You are presented with a set of old looking boxes. First, you must figure out how to open a box by adjusting different mechanisms on its outer case or by figuring out a lock combination. Once inside you will then be presented with a sub puzzle which you must workout and solve. [Read: How to Download APK Files From Google Play – For Manual Installs]

Best Games for Android
The Room Android Game

This is one of the best games for tablet use due to its controls. The Room really takes advantage of touch screen and allows you to mimic real life movements to open the boxes and solve the puzzles. The visualisations and sounds are first class and really add to the whole experience. The Room game comes as part of a series and there are newer versions out there but I suggest that if you are new to the series you begin with the original. This title does come with a small fee but for one of the top Android games for those who like a problem to crack is well worth the investment. [Read: Bluestacks – The Android Emulator for PC]

Tekken – Fighting Games

If you have owned any of the Sony PlayStation games consoles then you will have undoubtedly played Tekken. Tekken is a player vs player fighting game with multiple move combinations and plenty of different characters to choose from. Tekken Mobile joins our best games for tablet, smartphone & TV box list and is a version of the game tailored to Android devices. The game offers a choice of 20 characters to choose from and different modes including story, Dojo Challenge and Live events. The game is fast paced and packed with action. [Read: Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services]

best android games
Tekken Android Game

With the majority of Android devices focusing on touchscreen Tekken mobile brings the swipe based functionality to the popular franchise. The game is free to download but has many in-app purchases available for you to download and regular updated content. You can upgrade special moves for each character. On the games console Tekken set itself aside from other fighting games and is now one of the best games for Android in the fighting arena. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

Need for Speed No Limits – Racing Games

Another well known game franchise is Need for Speed and now one of the best android games for petrol heads. In Need for Speed No Limits you can compete in different race modes including Campaign (Story), Car Series or Rival. You can also put yourself into time trial events and attempt to set new lap records and beat your own personal bests. There are many rewards to win including the cars that you race in. [Read: How to Launch Android Apps from Kodi]

best games for tablet
Need for Speed No Limits Android Game

Need for Speed No Limits is free to download. You can fully customise your cars including the body work, paint colour and of course your engine. There are also special cars that you can win and use in future races. Need for Speed games tend to be less of racing simulators and more focused around enjoyment. You can travel at some great speeds and really drift your cars around corners. The graphics on offer are fantastic and some great looking courses are provided. Need for Speed No Limits is one of the top android games for the racing lovers among us. [Read: Top Mini ITX Cases for the Smallest HTPC Build]

One to Watch Out For: Tau Ceti Unknown Origin – First Person Shooter

We now include a single future title in our list. If you love a first person shooters then your best games for Android set could include Tau Ceti Unknown Origin when it hits our Android devices. The game is yet to be released but some of the early teasers look very promising. It is being developed for popular games consoles as well as mobile devices. The game is set in a huge plant featuring many landscapes to discover ancient mysteries to unravel and creatures to find. Along the way you will travel through dense jungles and the tropical looking scenes that look great. You will come across different animals and monsters to engage in combat with. [Read: 3 Best Windows TV Stick Devices- Alternatives to Android]

Top Android Games
Tau Ceti – Unknown Origin

As with any good first person shooter there any many great weapons available to you to fight your way through the jungles and dungeons. Play alone or hook up with friends for online multiplayer action. Your ship has crashed on the planet of Tau Ceti. It is your job to stay alive, unearth the secrets of the planet and ultimately find your way home. As stated this game is yet to be released but early footage implies that Tau Ceti is set to join the top Android games. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Best Games for Android – Final Thoughts

There are now literally thousands of Android games available on the Google Play Store. The good thing about the format of Android games is that most are free to download with the addition of in-app purchases. This means that you can download and install a game, try it out for free and if you like it purchase the necessary addons. Our top Android games selection tries to include something for everyone. Use the links to explore more titles from each genre and find more of the very best games for tablet, smartphone and TV streaming boxes. [Read: Top 5 Handheld Games Consoles]