Best Android UK TV Apps – Catch-up & Live TV


Android is fast becoming the most popular operating system for TV boxes, TV sticks and tablets. This is in part due to its easy to use interface but mainly down the the wealth of applications available for the platform. The Google Play Store is full of streaming apps to provide you with more TV stations than your TV set does. In our Best Android UK TV Apps post we look at how you can use Android to bring the latest content from the UK to your screen. We assess the best Android TV Apps UK for both catch-up & live TV.

Best Android UK TV Apps – Catch-up & Live TV

The products outlined below are some of the leading Android TV UK apps from some of the main stations. The majority of these applications are free to use whilst some require subscription services. Most apps require you to be a UK resident to get access to the available streams. [Read: How to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV]


The TVCatchup is one of the most popular Android TV apps UK. This is because it provides access to a huge list of channels from multiple broadcasting companies. It shows live streams of all of the free to access channels in the UK in great quality. It is like having a Freesat box attached to your tablet or smartphone.  If you are interested in watching UK TV then this is the app you should start with. All of the main channels are covered and the app is extremely simple to use.  If it is just live UK TV that you are looking for then you may find that TVCatchup does everything you need and no other apps are required. [Read: Best Android DLNA Player – Client Apps]

Best Android UK TV Apps
TV Catchup Android App

BBC iPlayer

No matter what country you are from the chances are you have heard of BBC iPlayer. It is the application that provides both live and catchup TV for all of the BBC channels. It is certainly one of the best Android UK TV apps when it comes to choice. There is everything from soaps and dramas to documentaries and sport. The BBC produces some quality TV offerings and there are no advertisements at all across both the app and the shows. You should have a UK TV license to use the BBC iPlayer on any platform. [Read: Bluestacks – The Android Emulator for PC]

BBC UK TV App iPlayer
BBC iPlayer Android App


ITV is another extremely well known TV channel from the UK and produces some great content.  The ITV Hub Android app allows you to watch live TV from across the range of ITV channels or catch-up on some of the great shows that you have missed. This is another one of the Android TV apps UK that offers a wide range of varied content. ITV produce some award winning dramas and show some of the biggest sports events from around the globe. Enjoy the very best of ITV all in one place. [Read: UK TV Kodi Addons – Live TV and Catch Up]

Stream UK TV online
ITV Hub Android App

All 4

Since it began in the early 1980s Channel 4 has always been considered the alternative channel in the UK and the channel that is not afraid to do what the others don’t. It therefore offers some alternative shows choices and is well known for pushing the boundaries for different TV genres. The All 4 app is a great part of the Android TV UK scene with a huge catalog of shows ready to stream. It is not just recent content you will find as there are many great shows from years ago for you to relive. You will also find numerous box sets of popular shows to watch away your evenings. [Read: Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services]

UK TV Live Streaming Apps
All 4 Android App

Demand 5 / My5

Channel 5 was the last of the main terrestrial channels in the UK before before digital TV really took over. It began in the late 90s and as with the other main channels brought a varied selection of new UK TV Shows. The My5 app offers catch-up TV for most of Channel 5s shows including some great documentaries, big reality TV shows and sport. Channel 5s product is one of the best Android UK TV apps in terms of navigation. Its simplistic look and feel makes it extremely easy to browse the shows and dig out what you are looking for. [Read: How to Launch Android Apps from Kodi]

UK TV Show Downloads
Demand 5 Android App

UK TV Play

The UK TV Play Android app is the catch-up TV home of 4 major UK channels. These include Dave, Really, Yesterday and Drama. With this single app you can browse and stream all of the weeks shows for each of these channels which includes a large amount of original content. This is one of the Android TV Apps UK that includes many genres like comedy, documentaries and drama. There is also a range of box sets to choose from for shows you won’t find anywhere else. In my opinion UKTV Play is one of the best Android UK TV apps if comedy is your thing. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

Stream UK TV Channels US
UKTV Play Android App

Sky Go

The first subscription based service in our Android TV Apps UK list is Sky Go. Sky Go is a free app for mobile and tablet for existing Sky customers. Install the app onto your Android device and you can stream the content that your main TV package provides. Choose from some of the best sport, movies and TV box sets available and enjoy your Sky package on the move. A Sky subscription is a must to be able to use Sky Go. If you would like to stream some of the main Sky channels but without the contracts see our NowTV entry below. [Read: How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick with no PC]

Stream BBC in the US
Sky Go Android App

Eurosport Player

And now for our first dedicated sports app in our Android TV UK list. If you are into your sports then take a look at Eurosport Player. There are three main Eurosport channels shown in the UK; Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 and Eurosport News all of which can be accessed from this Android app. With the Eurosport Player you can enjoy a whole range of sports from the small and obscure to the big block buster events. It also offers one of the largest ranges of sporting disciplines you will find. The app allows you to relive sporting action from the week and also access some unique additional content for certain events. If you are into sport then Eurosport Player is a must for your Android TV UK experience. [Read: 3 Best Windows TV Stick Devices- Alternatives to Android]

Android TV UK
Eurosport Player Android App

Now TV

Now TV is the like the “pay as you go” provider of the premium channels in the UK. If you want access to the very best sports channels or the latest available movie channels but don’t want a lengthy contract then this is one of the best Android UK TV Apps for you. With Now TV you only pay for what you watch and you can select from a variety of payment options. For example you can select sports and then choose a day, week or month pass. When your purchase expires you can either buy another, choose something different or simply walk away. Now TV is one of the Android TV Apps UK to offer premium channel streaming with no contract. [Read: Best Blu-ray Player Software]

Android TV Apps UK
NowTV Android App

HMP Verdict – Android TV UK

There are now many Android TV UK streaming options available to you. Some are free whilst others require subscriptions or one off payments. Download and try each app in this list to find the content that you enjoy. Some of the very best original TV comes out of the UK so you are sure to find something to suite your taste. Our best Android UK TV Apps list covers all genres.  Be sure to check that that the applications you download are permitted in your own country. [Read: How to Setup TV Shows in Kodi]