Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services


It is fair to say that online TV streaming services are catching up with satellite. You can now get a whole host of both free and subscription based internet TV. This includes many unique shows that are only available online. Netflix is without doubt one of the biggest digital streaming providers out there. All you need is a subscription, internet connection and a TV box, smart TV or web browser to receive it. In this post we will look at the Best TV Boxes for Netflix and other online services such as Amazon Prime Video and BBC. We will take you through each compatible Netflix set top box and discuss its features.

Best TV Boxes for Netflix Price Comparison

The below table provides links for each Netflix box for TV listed in this article so that you can check prices.

TV Box  Details
Roku 3
Girl in a jacket
Roku Search function, voice search, wireless headphone jack in remote.
Amazon Fire TV Ultra
Best Amazon Fire TV Price
Quad Core CPU, 2GB memory, PowerVR GX6250 graphics, Up to 200GB storage
NVIDIA Tegra X1 CPU, 3GB memory, 16 GB onboard storage (500GB model available).
Easytone T95Z Plus
Girl in a jacket
2.0GHz Amlogic octa-core CPU, 750MHz ARM Mali-820MP3 GPU, 2GB memory, 16GB obnoard storage.
Girl in a jacket
1.5GHz Amlogic quad-core CPU, 1GB memory, Mali-450MP6 graphics, 16GB onboard storage
Raspberry Pi 3
Girl in a jacket
1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB memory, Broadcom 400MHz GPU, 1GB of memory, 4 USB ports and wireless
Minix NEO U9-H
Girl in a jacket
Octa Core Cortex A53 64bit CPU, 2GB memory, 16GB of onboard storage.
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Girl in a jacket
Quad core CPU, 1GB memory, 8GB onboard storage.

Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services

In our Best TV boxes for Netflix list we have listed the very best devices available online. With each box you can stream Netflix and a whole range of other applications and content. For each compatible Netflix set top box we talk about it unique features, its use and its specification. We end the post with a couple of TV sticks if you are looking for a lower lower priced option. [Read: Top Mini ITX Cases for the Smallest HTPC Build]

– Finds Exactly what you are Looking for

The Roku 3 could be your best TV box for Netflix if want a wide range of applications and do not require 4K resolutions. If you need 4K Roku have produced a great solution in the Roku 4K. At present this is available to US customers but is not yet in the UK. From Roku’s marketing it appears that the device has been built around both Netflix and Now TV. It comes with a feature called Roku Search. This gives you the ability to search across platform to find what you looking for. So search for a film and you can get the results from both Netflix and Prime video. Few other boxes offer this.

Best TV Box for Netflix
Roku 3 TV Box

Another top feature of the Roku box is the remote. It is extremely easy to use and comes with a built in headphone jack to allow wireless headphone audio. It also supports voice search. One of the things that really stands out with this product is its design and it will look great next to your TV. The Roku 3 is the perfect solution for streaming from Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime Video and many other services. If you want a Netflix set top box to enjoy your movies in 4K then you will need to shell out a little bit more for the Roku 4K. [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]

– An All-round Winner

The Amazon Fire TV devices are well known in the streaming world. From a retail giant as big as Amazon you would expect nothing less. It is considered by many to be the very best TV box for Netflix and online streaming. The Amazon Fire TV Ultra offers 4K streaming resolutions for those of you who have invested in a 4K TV and 1080 / 720 HD resolutions for those of you who are yet to make the leap.  The box provides access to many of the top streaming apps out there including Netflix, Prime video, Sky News, BBC and much more.

Best TV Boxes for Netflix
Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra TV Box

This combined with Dolby audio and cinematic surround sound provides a great movie experience. So what’s inside this Netflix set top box? It features a quad core processor, 2GB of memory and up to 200GB of on storage using micro SD cards. It also comes with a PowerVR GX6250 graphics engine which opens up the door to some of the Android games available in the market place. Combined with the Alex voice remote the Amazon Fire TV Ultra 4K is perhaps the very best TV box for Netflix and is a very popular choice. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

– TV Box Power

The next of the top TV boxes for Netflix is the NVIDIA Shield TV. This TV box is somewhat more expensive than the other devices in this list but this is solely down to the hardware you get with the device. It features an NVIDIA Tegra X1 CPU and 3GB of memory. You get 16GB of on board storage or you can opt for the Pro version taking the storage to a massive 500GB (comes with a significantly higher price tag). The NVIDIA Shield TV is perfect for watching your favorite Netflix movies and it supports full 4K resolutions.

Netflix Set Top Box
NVIDIA Shield TV Box

Along with the box you also get a Bluetooth remote for accessing your content and uniquely a gamepad. The NVIDIA Shield TVs hardware is not just for streaming and you should consider this TV box if you are into gaming. Along with Netflix you can also use all popular TV streaming apps including Amazon Prime Video, BBC, TV Player and many more. The NVIDIA Shield TV box is the most expensive of our best TV boxes for Netflix but provides the greatest level of horse power! [Read: Best PC Game Controllers for HTPC – Emulators & Steam]

Apple TV – Design & Build Quality Excellence

For those die hard Apple fans out there its time for the Apple TV. The Apple TV will make a great Netflix set top box particularly if you own other IOS devices. Like with any Apple product style and class is built into its design. You get a tidy looking TV box and a somewhat designer remote when compared with other products. The Apple TV of course supports Netflix and it is rumored to include Amazon Prime video in the near future. This is also the best TV box for use with Airplay. With the Airplay standard being designed and built by Apple you can expect the best possible streams from your other IOS devices.

The 4th generation (latest at time of writing) hosts a 1.4GHz Apple 8 CPU, 2GB of memory and either 32GB or 64GB of on board storage depending on which version you buy. Despite being in a class of its own design wise the Apple TV is yet to support 4K streaming. It is expected that the next version of the device will include this. If you are into your Apple products and own the iPhone & iPad then adding the Apple TV to your arsenal is a great move. It will make a great HD netflix box for TV but you will have to wait for the next adaptation if you want 4K. [Read: Plex Media Server Review – Stream to Multiple Rooms & Devices]

– Funky Design to Light up your Room

The Easytone T95Z Plus is a low priced Android based TV box open to any of the applications on the Play Store including Netflix. It is a small hexagonal shaped device with a crisp looking LED surrounding the front three sides. This has the ability to change colour depending on what the box is doing. All ports are nicely concealed on three rear sides of the hexagon keeping them out of view. It will provide you with a nice quirky looking Netflix box for TV. It has a neat animation when you first boot up the device and an easy to use menu layout.

Netflix Box for TV
Easytone T95Z TV Box

Under the hood you get an S912 2.0GHz Amlogic octa-core CPU, the 750MHz ARM Mali-820MP3 GPU, 2GB of DDR3 memory and 16GB of eMMC on board storage. You can get the box with an IR remote alone or there are packs available with a wireless keyboard and track pad. The Easytone T957 Plus does support 4K video which is great considering the low cost of this device. If your best TV box for Netflix must include 4K and not break the bank then the Easytone T95Z Plus will do the job.  [Read: Best Motherboard for Gaming]

 – The Gaming TV Box

The GEM Box is the smallest of the best TV boxes for Netflix (with the exception of sticks). It comes in at just 8.3cm x 8.3cm. It really will fit into your pocket and if you want a truly portable device that can travel with you then the this is a great choice. You will read many articles on the internet arguing about what the GEM Box is trying to be but the bottom line is for this post is that you can certainly use it for Netflix. It is an Android based system with full access to the Play Store. This opens the door to a whole host of applications and gaming. Speaking of games the GEM Box is another Netflix set top box with a gamepad included. It’s designed for playing those titles available on Play and retro classics.

Top Netflix Box
Gem Box TV Box

The GEM Box comes with a 1.5GHz Amlogic quad-core CPU, a Mali-450MP6 graphics chipset, 1GB or RAM and 16GB of on board eMMC storage. The device is the perfect portable Netflix TV box if you regularly meet with friends or work away. It is also available at a very affordable price and you get a small TV box at a small cost. [Read: Best Blu-ray Player Software]

– Build your own Best TV Box for Netflix

The Raspberry Pi 3 is one of the cheapest ways you can put together a Netflix box for TV. For those of you have not heard of it before it is a small microcomputer designed for enthusiasts to program to do different things. One of these things is Netflix. It can certainly produce the best TV box for Netflix when it comes to price. Using a combination of the available Rasbian operating system and the Chromium browser application you can quickly and easily get Netflix up onto your big screen.

Top Netflix Boxes
Raspberry Pi 3

It comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, a Broadcom 400MHz GPU, 1GB of memory, 4 USB ports and wireless networking. When you run Netflix on the Raspberry Pi it is by no means as easy to use as a retail TV box and the functionality is browser based. That said if you want the most cost effective solution that is highly customisable then this is for you. [Read: Gaming On Your HTPC]

– Octa Core 4K Streaming Power

A vendor you may not have heard of is Minix but let me tell you they produce some great products. One of their top TV boxes for Netflix is the NEO U9-H. This is an Android based TV box (Minix also make Windows TV boxes) running Android Marshmallow 6.01. If you want full 4K video streaming from online services then this box will certainly provide it. Think of the box as being like your favorite Android tablet on the big screen and controlled by remote.

Best Box for Netflix Minix Neo U9-H
Minix NEO U9-H TV Box

The NEO U9-H offers an Octa Core Cortex A53 64bit CPU, 2GB of DDR3 memory and 16GB of on board storage. It is a tad pricey but is one of the few devices in our best TV boxes for Netflix list that offers the octa core CPU. The box will deliver 4K resolutions at 60Hz and fully supports HDR. The device comes with both Ethernet and wireless and offers a whole host of connectivity ports. It has a neat looking easy to use remote making easy navigation of your Netflix subscriptions. The Minix NEO U9-H will make a great Netflix set top box for 4K video. [Read: Top 5 Handheld Games Consoles]

Netflix Box for TV – Sticks

Although this post is all about TV boxes it’s worth mentioning some of the TV sticks out there. A Netflix box does not have to be a large bulky unit. A TV stick is one of the most cost effective ways to turn your TV into a smart TV. With just a small outlay a TV stick will bring Netflix and other online services to your big screen. [Read: 3 Best Windows TV Stick Devices- Alternatives to Android]

– Fire TV’s Baby Brother

Perhaps the most well know TV stick device out there is the Amazon Fire TV stick. It offers the same OS and applications as the Fire TV. The stick is somewhat less powerful but available at a fraction of the price. It is portable and you can hide it away if your TV cabinet has limited space. The new 2017 version of the Amazon Fire TV stick comes with a quad core CPU, 1GB of memory and 8GB of on board storage. [Read: Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare & Review]

Netflix TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick Unboxing

Another new addition to the 2017 version is the accompanying Alexa remote. Unless you have been living in a locked room with no windows for the past 12 months you will by now have heard of Alexa and what it can do. Tell the remote to launch Netflix and it will start on the Fire Stick. All of your interactions with your media can be controlled with your voice. The Amazon Fire TV stick does not support 4K and but it is still great for Netflix and is one of the most popular TV sticks on the market. [Read: How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick with no PC]

Chromecast Ultra – Stream other Devices to your TV

If you are happy to pay a little more for a TV stick device then I recommend the Chromecast Ultra. This device will fully replace some of the best TV boxes for Netflix as it does support 4K resolutions. It looks less of a stick and more of a mini TV box on the end of a dongle.  Chromecast is very different from other TV devices. It is really designed to stream content from other devices to your TV. [Read: Intel Compute Windows TV Stick Price Compare & Review]

So get yourself a Chromecast, fire up Netflix on your mobile or tablet and you can stream it straight to your TV. Chromecast comes with Google Home integration and will implement many of the features of the new product designed to take on Alexa. Chromecast may not be as versatile in terms of apps as some of the other devices but if you are happy to  stream Netflix from another device you can enjoy full 4K resolutions. The Chromecast Ultra is not strictly a Netflix TV box but is an excellent streaming option. [Read: Top 5 HTPC Media Center Software Packages]

Best TV Boxes for Netflix Final Thoughts

If you are yet to experience online streaming services then you have missed out. The internet offers an endless source of entertainment much of which is free. If you want a huge range of online movies then services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video have huge libraries. Hopefully you have found something in our best TV Box for Netflix guide that will suite both your needs and your budget. A Netflix box for TV doesn’t have to be expensive and there is now a lot of choice available. Select your best TV box for Netflix now and open the door to an endless supply of movies and online content.