How to Check Log Files on Kodi & the Kodi Log file Location


If you are someone who has taken the time to build your media centre and incorporated a mass of addons and features you may encounter scenarios where particular components fail. You may have run an upgrade to Kodi and find that some of your applications have stopped working. During these times the Kodi log file is a valuable tool to diagnose what the problem is and to fix your issue. The log file is text based and provides detailed information on the operation of your system. In this “Check Log Files on Kodi” post I will show you the Kodi log file location on different versions of the application and explain how you can open it without exiting the software.

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How to Check Log Files on Kodi & the Kodi Log file Location

Kodi Log File Location

I have included a full video tutorial showing the Kodi log file location at the end of this post. The location of your log file is dependent on the device type you have deployed Kodi onto. It is a text based file that you can open up in Notepad (or similar product) to view its contents. The list below shows the Kodi log file location for the different formats of Kodi. [Read: How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items]

Android (multiple locations) :




ISO & Apple TV:






MS Windows :


To view your log file simply navigate to the above folder for your device and open up the Kodi.log file using your systems file viewer application. Kodi writes an entry into the log file for most of the tasks it carries out. All of the entries are in time order starting with the very latest events.

View Kodi Log Files in Kodi – Log Viewer for Kodi Addon

Please ensure that you backup Kodi media centre prior to installing addons so that you can quickly and easily roll back the changes.

Another way of viewing your log file is from within Kodi itself. This can speed up fault diagnostics as you do not need to be continually hopping in and our of Kodi. To do this you will require the Kodi Log viewer addon available from the official Kodi repository. If you have not used the official Kodi Repo before full instructions can be found here. The Log Viewer for Kodi addon can be found under under Program Add-ons of the offical Kodi Repo. A full video tutorial showing how to install and use this addon is available at the end of this post. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Download and install Log Viewer for Kodi and then launch it from your addons menu. When you open Log Viewer for the first time you will be presented with the two options shown in the below screenshot. Select Show Log to display your current Kodi log file. This option can be used for example if you have just launched an addon which failed to start and you want more information as to why it didn’t load.

 Log Viewer for Kodi Addon
Log Viewer for Kodi Main Menu

Log Viewer for Kodi addon will then display your log file on screen. It shows the latest entries in the log file first and you can scroll down using the Down Arrow key to find the issue that you are looking for. Certain error message types are colour coded making it far easier to spot errors and issues.

Check Log Files on Kodi
Kodi Log File Example

Check Log Files on Kodi – Final Thoughts

There are many cases where you may need to examine your Kodi log file. Maybe you launch an addon and it fails to start or your Kodi install crashes when you try to carry out a particular task. The onscreen error messages you see are rather limited and the Kodi.log file will provide far more information. You can also share your Kodi log files with the online community.

There are many forums out there including the official Kodi forum where you can share your files to get help and insight from the experts. There are tools out there that will automatically upload your Kodi log file to the support forums but these I will discuss in later posts. It may take you a little time to get to grips with the text in the Kodi log file but as you fix more and more issues you will start to familiarize with it.

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Log Viewer for Kodi Video Tutorial

The below video tutorial will show you how to install Log Viewer for Kodi addon and the Kodi log file location for Windows. Check  log files on Kodi in minutes!