Chieftec IX-01B-OP mini-ITX Case Price Compare & Review


Most people who build a HTPC media centre want a small system. The main aim of their HTPC is to watch movies, listen to music or stream content from the internet. Unless you want a gaming media centre you want your machine to be small and compact and not look out of place under your living room TV. In our review we will look at one of the slimest cases out there and take a look at what we can fit inside it. Chieftec make a range of PC cases and the IX-01B-OP is perfect for the HTPC enthusiast. It comes without the hefty price tag of some of the similar products. In this post we also offer a Chieftec IX-01B-OP price compare feature for you to get the lowest possible price.

Chieftec IX-01B-OP Price Compare

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Chieftec IX-01B-OP Case Review

The Chieftec IX-01B-OP is a PC case designed for the mini-ITX form factor motherboard. We recommend the motherboard to accompany this case. This is one of the smallest motherboards available on the mainstream market that can utilises desktop CPUs. The case comes in black with a side stand so that you can choose either a horizontal or vertical positioning of your system. Generally with small systems comes heat issues as PC components tend to be crammed into the cases. The Chieftec IX-01B-OP has vents on the top, left and right sides of the case. This takes up around 75% of these surface areas. The case still looks good and the vents will not spoil the look of your system.

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Chieftec IX-01B-OP Review
Chieftec IX-01B-OP Case Side View

The front panel of the case is simple and concise. You only see a single power button and LEDs for things like power and disk activity. Due to its size you do not get any expansion slots for things like optical disc drives but if you buy the Chieftec IX-01B-Op then you are generally after a small device designed for streaming. The Chieftec IX-01B-OP weighs in at just 1.5KG so if you build a PC in one of these you will have no issues carrying it from room to room. The dimensions of the case are 19.7 x 22 x 6.3 cm and so it will fit under pretty much any TV in any media cabinet.

Key Features

As already stated the Chieftec IX-01B-OP supports mini-ITX form factor motherboards. You can fit any desktop CPU that your chosen motherboard will take. It has 2 internal drive bays supporting 2X 2.5″ hard drives or 1X 3.5″ hard drive. With the Chieftec IX-01B-OP your components are easily accessible. The top pannel simply slides off and the layout of your components is easy to manage.

Unfortunatly there are a few sockets that would have been nice to have. There are no audio sockets on the front pannel and so you will not have the ease of front mounting microphones and speakers. There are also no front USB sockets. This is not a big issue however. We must remember that the Chieftec IX-01B-OP is designed to be compact and you will still have access to these sockets on the rear of your system. The case does not come with a power supply. You will need to purchase a small PSU to accompany this case. We recommend the PSU as this is a small reliable power supply offering a decent level of power.

Chieftec IX-01B-OP Price Compare
Chieftec IX-01B-OP Case Front View

Chieftec IX-01B-OP Price

One of the best features of the Chieftec IX-01B-OP is its price. More often than not when you look for a nice looking compact PC case you pay more for it and that is not the case with this device. You get a great looking easy to manage case and it is available for under £35. You must account for the additionl PSU you need to purchase but the Chieftec IX-01B-OP is still a great buy!

See our Chieftec IX-01B-OP Price Compare for the lowest price!

Reasons to

  • The case looks great!
  • Small and compact in design
  • Easy to manage your components
  • Supports multiple hard drives
  • Very affordable price
mini-ITX Case
Chieftec IX-01B-OP Top View

HMP Verdict – Chieftec IX-01B-OP Review

We were pleased with our Chieftec IX-01B-OP review and you will struggle to find a better mini-ITX case for the money. The case is small and compact and looks great! For such a small case the Chieftec IX-01B-OP is surprisingly easy to manage and your system components are easily accessible. The case provides adequate cooling so your components will be safe and secure. With it’s size and light weight you can build a HTPC media centre that you can easily transfer between rooms of your house.

It would have been nice if the Chieftec IX-01B-OP case had come with font panel audio and USB sockets but this is a minor drawback. At it’s current price you can build a compact, easy to manage HTPC media centre that will look great in any room. The Chieftec IX-01B-OP is a fantastic buy!

See our Chieftec IX-01B-OP Price Compare for the lowest price!

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