Create Launchbox Custom Playlists for your Favorite Games


Launchbox and its sister application Big Box provide the best possible ways to organize your computer games. By default it neatly arranges all of your game files from any system into an easy to browse format. It displays all of the game information you will ever need and makes them super easy to launch. One feature you may not have seen is Launchbox playlists. Create a Launchbox custom playlist and have all of your top games from any system in one place. In this post we will show you how to add your Launchbox favorites to a playlist and explain how to use them. [Read: LaunchBox & Big Box Emulator Frontend Review]

Best Controllers for Emulators

Below are some of our editors top picks of game controllers suitable for emulators and PC gaming.

XBOX 360 Wireless
XBOX 360 Wireless Controller
2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range. Use four controllers simultaneously. Adjustable vibration. Integrated headset port. Requires 2 AA Batteries.
XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
Use up to four Wireless Controllers and four Wireless Headsets simultaneously. Plugs into PC USB port & has a six foot cable.
Valve Steam Controller
Valve Steam Controller
Control any PC game including those not designed for gamepad. Dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and customizable control schemes.
Nintendo Wii Remote
Nintendo Wii Remote
Classic controller from the Nintendo Wii games console. The perfect choice for games console emulators such as Dolphin. Requires Bluetooth & configuration. Available in multiple colours.
PS4 Dual Shock
PS4 Dual Shock Controller
Precision controller from Sony. Multiple buttons, analogue sticks & triggers. Features built-in speaker & stereo headset jack. Required Sony adapter for PC use. Great for Arcade emulators!
Mayflash Arcade Stick
Mayflash Arcade Stick
The full arcade experience! Compatible with PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX360 & PC, Android, Switch. Supports both XINPUT & DINPUT.

Create Launchbox Custom Playlists for your Favorite Games

If you have not yet used this software then see our full Launchbox review. For this guide we will be using Launchbox version 7.17 which is the latest at the time of writing. You can add any game you like to a Launchbox playlist as long as it has already been added to the application. No additional configuration is required in Big Box as all of your settings will be automatically carried through. You can create Launchbox playlists for anything; your Launchbox favorites, games from a particular genre or one for last gen consoles for PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 emulators. [Read: Top 5 Emulator Frontends for your HTPC Media Center]

Launchbox Playlists – Getting Started

To create a new Launchbox playlist we start by selecting a game that we would like to add. Navigate to your first game in your Launchbox library and right click it. A set of options will pop up as shown in the below image. Hover over “Add to Playlist” about half way down as shown and click “New Playlist”. When you have created some playlists they will also be available here to select. [Read: How to Integrate Launchbox on Kodi and get the Best of Both]

launchbox custom playlists
Create New Launchbox Playlist

You will be presented with the Launchbox Playlist editor which is divided into a set of easy to follow tabs. The image below shows the “Details” tab. Enter a suitable title as we have. You can add a custom video path for this playlist if you wish but we won’t in this guide. All other settings can be left as default as shown. [Read: How to Add Emulators to Launchbox & Big Box]

launchbox create playlist
Launchbox Playlist Editor

The second tab is the “Notes” section. This is for your reference only and allows you to enter a bit of detail as to what your Launchbox custom playlist contains. Enter something descriptive here like; “Favourite games from all systems” or “Top sports titles”. If you create multiple Launchbox playlists it just means that you have a reference point for understanding what they contain. [Read: How to Add ROMs to Launchbox – Import Game Collections]

Launchbox Smart Playlists

You may have heard of the concept of a smart playlist and the ability to let an application choose what to add to your playlist based on a set of rules you supply. Launchbox offers a similar feature. The “Auto-Populate” tab allows you to create a list of rules and Launchbox will then choose your games for you based on this. The are many fields you can choose to run queries against. In the image below we have chosen “Developer” and the “Comparison” method of “Is Equal To”. We can now add a developer name into the value box and Launchbox will add all games from that developer into our playlist. Launchbox smart playlists are something for you to have a play around with. For our Launchbox custom play list we will untick the “Auto-Populate this Playlist” option. [Read: How to Change Big Box Theme – Big Box Custom Themes]

Launchbox smart playlists
Auto-Populate Launchbox Playlist

Managing Your Games in Launchbox Playlists

The “Games” tab allows you to manage all games that you have added into Launchbox custom playlists. Presented in front of you will be a list of all games that you have added and the platform they are associated with. Here you can delete games that you no longer require or you can move them up and down to change the order in which they appear in your playlist. Move your Launchbox favorites around so that the appear in the order that you would like to see them. When you have done this hit the “OK” button shown at the bottom left of the window and your new Launchbox custom playlist will be created. [Read: Best PC Game Controllers for HTPC – Emulators & Steam]

create launchbox playlists
Launchbox Playlist Game List

The Launchbox Playlist Location

Now that you have added your Launchbox favorites into a playlist you need to know where to find them. Launchbox custom playlists can be found using the main dropdown menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on this drop down as shown in the below image and select Playlists from the very bottom. All of your available Launchbox custom playlists will now appear on your left hand menu. If you select any playlist from here the games contained within it will be displayed on the right hand window. [Read: RPCS3 – The Working Playstation 3 (PS3) Emulator]


launchbox favorites editor
Launchbox Playlist Location

HMP Verdict – Launchbox Create Playlist

Add your Launchbox favorites to a playlist and your top titles can all be moved to one place. You can create Launchbox custom playlists for anything you like. Use them for different people who use your system or different types of games. Managing Launchbox playlists is simple and they can be created in no time at all. Any playlists that you create in Launchbox will also be available to you in Big Box. [Read: Best CPU for Emulation – Computers, Consoles & Arcades]