How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items


Many of the Kodi skins out there allow you to customize Kodi home screen. A lot of users however prefer the default skins of recent Kodi releases like Confluence and of course the new Estuary skin with Kodi Krypton. Estuary does not come with a built in Kodi menu editor but you can add new menu items by editing XML files. In this post we will show you a simple method you can use to customize Kodi menu and yet stick with the look and feel of the Kodi Krypton Estuary skin. At the end of the post I include a video tutorial showing the whole process.

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How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Menu Item to Kodi

There is a modified version of the Kodi Kypton default skin out there called Estuary Mod. This skin is based on Estuary but comes with enhancements. It has the exact same look and feel and identical functionality. It comes with additional options however and one of the key features here is the ability to customize Kodi home screen. In this guide we will use the Estuary Mod skin to add a new menu item to Kodi. Prior to implementing this guide please ensure that you backup your media centre.

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A full video tutorial showing how to do this guide is shown at the end of this post.

Stage 1 – Install the Guilouz Repository

To begin you need to download and install the Guilouz Repository. You can find this here. Download the zip file in the first post of this article and save it to your computer. To install it into Kodi select Add-ons on the left hand side of the home screen and then click Install from Repository as shown in the image below. [Read: How to Install Addons with Kodi]

Kodi Install from repository Add-ons
Kodi – Install Addons from Repository

On the screen that follows select Install from zip file. This will allow you to browse your computer for the Guilouz Respoitory Kodi addon you have just downloaded.

Kodi Install from zip - Add-ons
Kodi – Install Addons from Zip

Browse to the location where you saved the Guilouz Repository, select the zip file and click OK as shown in the image below.

Kodi Guilouz Repository Download
Enable the Kodi Guilouz Repository

Stage 2 – Install the Kodi Estuary Mod Skin

The Guilouz Kodi repository will now be installed. Before we can customize Kodi menu we need to pull down the Estuary Mod Kodi skin onto our system. Repeat the first part of Stage 1 by clicking Add-ons on the left hand window and then select Install from repository. This time, on the screen that follows rather than selecting Install from zip select Install from repository. Select the Guilouz Repository from the available list and the navigate through Look and feel - Skin - Estuary Mod - Kodi 17. When you get to this point select the zip file for the skin (only one in the folder) and then click install. Once the download is complete you will receive a popup message saying “Would you like to switch skin?” Click Yes and Kodi will switch to the Estuary Mod skin.

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Stage 3 – Customize Kodi Home Screen

Now that the Estuary Mod skin has been installed we are ready to customize Kodi menu. Click on the Settings cog on the main menu and then select Skin settings as shown in the image below.

add menu item to Kodi
Kodi Skin Settings

On the left hand menu the Home menu option will be selected by default. On the right hand side select Customize Main Menu as shown in the image below.

Customize Kodi Menu
Customize Kodi Home Menu

To add Kodi menu item click on the + symbol shown on the left hand side of the screen. This will create a new menu item called <None> with no settings set. The image below shows your new blank menu item in the Estuary Mod Kodi menu editor. Select Choose item for menu. [Read: How to Setup Official Kodi Remote on IOS & Android]

Add menu item to Kodi
Kodi – Add Menu Item to Kodi

Here you can decide what type of media or command you want your new menu item to execute. You can select a type of library such as Videos, Music or Pictures or you can set an addon to launch. You can also tell Kodi to execute commands when this new menu item is selected. Scroll through the list of options available here and select what type of item your new Kodi menu button will be. [Read: How to Play 2D Movies in 3D with Kodi Media Centre]

Add Kodi Menu Item
Kodi Menu Editor

The “Change action” option will now auto populate. Select Set label and here you configure a name for your new menu button. All other settings can be left as default. When you have entered these settings use the up and down arrows on the left hand side of the screen to change the ordering of your Kodi home screen. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Customize Kodi Home Screen
Kodi Menu Editor

Final Thoughts – Customize Kodi Menu

The add menu item to Kodi steps are finished and you are now complete. You can exit to the Kodi home screen and your new menu item should now be visible. Click on it to ensure that it works as expected. There are many uses for the customize Kodi home screen process. You can have a home screen button for certain media file types like workout videos for example. If you play games on your media centre then why not add a games shortcut to your Kodi home screen. If there is a particular addon you use all the time then give it a name and make it launchable from your main Kodi menu.

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Customize Kodi Home Screen Video Tutorial