How to Add Favourites on Kodi & Bookmark your Content


When your media solution gets to a certain size it can often be difficult to find what you are looking for. Your Kodi device may contain masses of files but only a small subset of these you use every day. This is where Kodi favourites come in to play. With Kodi favourites you can create bookmarks for your frequently used content and have them all displaying in one place. In this “How to Add Favourites on Kodi” post we will look at how to create a favourite, what can be added and where they are located once made. We will show you how to change Kodi favourites and identify the Kodi favourites shortcut key set available. A full video tutorial is shown at the end of the post.

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How to Add Favourites on Kodi & Bookmark your Content

For video tutorial go to the end of this article. By default Kodi allows you to add many different things to your favourites screen. You can add a file such as a movie, song or TV show, a full addon or a small part of an addon like a category within a catchup TV program. In this post we will create a favourite for the search box contained within the YouTube addon. If you want to add anything else as a Kodi favourite then the exact same process can be used. We are using Kodi 17.4 Krypton but the process is the same for pretty much any version of Kodi. If you are using an older version see our How to Upgrade Kodi guide. Before you make any changes we recommend that you fully backup Kodi and its settings. [Read: How to Install Kodi Skins – Change the Look & Feel]

Create Your First Kodi Favourite

To add favourites on Kodi you must first navigate the location of the item to be bookmarked. If it’s movie or song then navigate to the location of the film or track within the main Kodi menu. In our case we will fire up the YouTube addon. On the main menu of this you will find the “Search” option. This is is shown below.The Kodi favourites shortcut key to use here is the “C” button if you are using Kodi on a device with a keyboard or the icon that looks like three lines on an Amazon Fire TV device. Navigate down to the “Search” option and push the “C” button. A popup will appear with the option to “Add to Favourites”. Select this and the YouTube search page will become a new favourite. [Read: How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items]

Add Favourites on Kodi
Add a New Kodi Favourite

Kodi Favourites Location

If you want to use a new favourite or you would like to change Kodi favourites you need to know where to find them. The Kodi Favourites location can be found on the main Kodi menu located on the left hand side of the screen. Scroll down through the menu items until you come to “Favourites” as shown below. Select “Favourites” and you will see all of the items that you have bookmarked as favourites. Simply click on the icon shown and the YouTube addon will start and you will be taken directly to the search page. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

change kodi favourites
Kodi Favourites Location

Remove or Change Kodi Favourites

If you would like to change Kodi favourites once you have created them select “Favourites” from the left hand menu. Navigate across to the favourite that you would like to change. Then use the same Kodi favourites shortcut key; the “C” button to enter the context menu. You will now be given the option to remove, rename or change the thumbnail for your selected favourite. Make the changes you desire and your favourites will automatically save your changes. [Read: How to Setup Official Kodi Remote on IOS & Android]

Kodi Favourites Location
Change or Remove Kodi Favourites

Add Favourites to Kodi Video Tutorial

If you are still unclear on how to use favourites in Kodi then try the below video tutorial. You can find many more Kodi guides at the Home Media Portal YouTube Channel . Subscribe now!

HMP Verdict – Add Favourites To Kodi

The steps needed to add favourites on Kodi could not be simpler. Use your favourites page for storing all of the items you use most frequently. This can be movies, songs, TV shows, addons or parts of addons.  To add a new favourite or to make changes to existing ones you use a single Kodi favourites shortcut key. Once you start using favourites within Kodi you will start to find that it becomes you most frequently used page. They allow you to quickly gain access to your top features and it really simplifies the navigation of your HTPC or media player. If you want to take your Kodi favourites to the next level try the Super Favourites addon available from the Official Kodi Repository. [Read: How to Setup TV Shows in Kodi]