How to Change Big Box Theme – Big Box Custom Themes


One of the more recent changes to the emulator frontend LaunchBox is the ability to use Big Box Custom Themes. For those of you who are yet to try the premium version Big Box is an extension of LaunchBox designed for use on the big screen TV. The software looks great in its standard form but Big Box Custom Themes allow you to tailor your gaming machine to exactly what works for you. In this post we will show you how to change Big Box theme and run through all of the required configuration steps. [Read: How to Add Emulators to Launchbox & Big Box]

How to Change Big Box Theme – Big Box Custom Themes

Before we begin you must ensure that you are running a version of Big Box that supports theme changes. I believe this to be version 6.3 or greater. If your version of Big Box is older than this then please upgrade before continuing further. For this guide you will need to download a Big Box custom theme onto your computer. There is a growing selection of these on the LaunchBox forum and these can be found here. [Read: How to Add ROMs to Launchbox – Import Game Collections]

There is now a decent level of choice when it comes to choosing your Big Box theme. Some themes better suite the modern games console emulators like RPCS3 (PS3), Xenia Project (XBOX 360) and Dolphin (Wii) whilst others are better for the retro classics. If you are integrating Big Box & Kodi you may want a Big Box theme to match your Kodi skin. The number of available Big Box themes is growing and there is something out there for every gaming build.

In this post we will be installing the Big Couch custom theme. Please ensure that you backup your PC prior to making any configuration changes. [Read: How to Integrate Launchbox on Kodi and get the Best of Both]

Where to Place your Big Box Themes?

When you download Big Box Custom themes they usually come in the form of a zip file. In your download location right click on your theme zip file and select Extract all (this may vary slightly depending on the zip tool you have installed). This will extract the theme into a folder by the same name as the zip file. Within that folder is a sub folder containing the Big Box themes files. Big Box looks for themes in a folder called “Themes” contained within the root of your LaunchBox install location. Copy the theme subfolder that you have just extracted and paste it into LaunchBox\ThemesNow start Big Box. [Read: Best PC Game Controllers for HTPC – Emulators & Steam]

how to change Big Box Theme
Big Box Theme Location

Change Big Box Theme Inside Big Box

If you have pasted your theme into the right location Big Box will detect that it is available when it boots up and it will be available to select. By default Big Box starts at the game selection screen. Hit Escape once and you will be presented with the main menu. Select Options as shown in the image below. [Read: Best CPU for Emulation – Computers, Consoles & Arcades]

Big Box Custom Themes
Big Box Main Options

Now select Views and a set of options for changing what you see will be presented to you on the right. On the right hand pane the first option you will see is Theme: and this is shown in the below screenshot. Navigate to Theme: and push the Enter key. You will notice that with each key press Big Box cycles through all of the custom themes that you have added to your Themes folder. Continue to push Enter until you find the Big Box Custom theme that you want to use. When you are happy push the Escape key to exit this menu and your new theme will be applied!

Big Box Themes
Big Box Theme Options

The Views screen above shows many of the other settings available to you. Consult the Readme file that accompanied your custom theme for any additional settings required here and apply them. You may need to remove certain tick boxes to correct theme display issues. The below screenshot shows the Big Couch custom Big Box theme that we have just setup. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Big Box Big Couch CustomTheme
Big Couch Theme

Big Box Custom Themes – Final Thoughts

It is as simple as that! You can change Big Box theme in minutes and you can quickly and easily test multiple themes unitil you find the one that suites you and your gaming machine. The number of themes available is steadily growing and they all offer different views and features. Big Box themes are free to download so I suggest that you read the reviews and download a handful. Add them to your Big Box theme folder and then give them a test. If you are using Big Box and Kodi together then I recommend using the Big Couch theme shown in this post with the Arctic Zephyr Kodi skin. The two complement each other well. Big Box custom themes are a great addition to a top emulator frontend.