How to Change Kodi Screensaver & Kodi Screensaver Addons


Screensavers are not what they used to be! Most modern LCD TVs do not suffer from the screen burn that we used to see back in the day. Many of us still want screensavers on our HTPCs and Media Players. Why? Because they add an extra level of customization to your solution and provide personalization. In this post we will show you how to change Kodi screensaver and show where all of the Kodi screensaver settings can be found. There are a number of Kodi screensaver addons available that will make Kodi do many different things whilst your system is idle. We will take a look at some of the best and explain where to get them. A full video tutorial is shown at the end of the post.

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How to Change Kodi Screensaver & Kodi Screensaver Addons

For the video tutorial move to the end of this post. In this guide post all Kodi screensaver settings images and steps were created using Kodi 17 Krypton. The steps however are pretty much the same for any version of Kodi. Although the change Kodi screensaver process is very simply we always recommend that you backup your media centre prior to altering any of its configuration. [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]

Enter the Kodi Screen Saver Settings Menu

To access the Kodi screensaver configuration enter the main settings menu by clicking on the Cog shape found at the very top of the left hand menu. You will be presented with the screenshot shown below. From here select Interface settings as shown. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

How to change kodi screensaver
Select Interface Settings

The Interface settings screen contains all of the options that control the look and feel of Kodi. Select Screensaver from the left hand menu . All of the available Kodi Screensaver settings will be presented on the right. [Read: Enable Kodi DLNA – Create a Kodi Media Server]

Kodi Screensaver Settings
Kodi Screensaver Menu

The majority of the options available to change Kodi screen saver are rather self explanatory. [Read: How to Play Blu-ray Movie Discs with Kodi]

  • Screensaver Mode – Determines the type of screensaver used; Dim, Black screen, Photos, Clock etc. The two default options are shown below.
  • Settings – Mode specific screensaver options.
  • Preview – Allows you to test your current Kodi screensaver settings.
  • Wait time – How long your system must remain idle before starting screensaver.
Kodi Screensaver Addons
Kodi Screensaver Mode

Kodi Screensaver Addons

By default when you change Kodi screensaver you get the option of two modes. Black which as the name suggests turns your screen black and dim which lowers the brightness. It is possible however to do so much more with the use of Kodi screensaver addons. This includes things like displaying slideshows from your photo library, showing breath taking images from the internet or simply turning your screen into a huge clock. You can even display cocktail recipes whilst your system is idle! [Read: How to Add Subtitles to Kodi & The Subtitle Settings]

To view the available Kodi screensaver addons and install them, on the screensaver mode screen shown above click on the Get more.... button shown on the right side of the window. This will display the window shown below which offers a whole host of available screensaver applications. Scroll through the list to find what works for you and then select a Kodi screensaver addon to download. Once installed you will be able to select your new screensaver type from the Screensaver mode option. [Read: How to Change Language on Kodi]

Kodi Screensaver Add-ons
Download Screensaver Addons for Kodi

Change Kodi Screensaver Video Tutorial

If you are still unclear on how to change your Kodi screensaver then try the below video tutorial. You can find many more Kodi guides at the Home Media Portal YouTube Channel . Subscribe now!

HMP Verdict – How to Change Kodi Screensaver

A screensaver is another opportunity to customize your media player and give it a more personal feel to it. Kodi makes it extremely easy to change your screensaver and tweak its settings. Using addons you have some great options available to you to really bring your system alive when it is in an idle state. Display your photos, browse online content or simply turn your screen into a clock. A screensaver is particularly useful for when you are listening to music. Why not put something up on the screen whilst your tracks are playing? Add a new screensaver to your Kodi solution and really make it your own. [Read: How to Lock Kodi using Kodi Master Lock Code]