How to Change Kodi Splash Screen – Custom Startup Image


Kodi is an extremely customizable piece of software but one area that you may not have looked at changing is your splash screen. The splash screen is the Kodi boot image you see when you first start the application, the Kodi logo and version number as the application loads. When you download a Kodi build the splash screen is often changed to give the system a highly customized feel to it. There are many Kodi splash screen download options available or you can use one of your own photos. In this How to Change Kodi Splash Screen guide we will explain everything you need to do and where to find the required files. A full video tutorial is shown at the end of the post. [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]

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How to Change Kodi Splash Screen – Custom Startup Image

You can see a full video tutorial at the end of this post. To change the Kodi startup screen you must edit or change one of the files that comes with the default Kodi install package. For this reason I recommend that you full backup your media player before you begin. This guide is done using Kodi 17 Krypton. If you are using an older version consider upgrading Kodi. The post is divided into two simple sections to make for easier reading. [Read: How to Add Subtitles to Kodi & The Subtitle Settings]

1. Kodi Splash Screen File Location

In order to change Kodi Splash screen you must first navigate to the folder location that the Kodi boot image is stored. This can be different depending on the type of device that you have Kodi installed on. The file locations for each operating system can be seen below. [Read: Enable Kodi DLNA – Create a Kodi Media Server]


C:\Program Files(x86)\Kodi\media



For the remainder of this post the instructions will be shown for Kodi installed on a Windows PC however the steps are pretty much the same for Android. Just ensure that you use the Android file location.

Navigate to the above folder location where you will see the Kodi boot screen image. This is called Splash.png and can be seen in the below screenshot. The green arrow highlights the file location. This will be in your Program Files folder as it states in the above Windows file path unless like me you have changed the Kodi path when you installed it. The red arrow shows the Splash.png file we are going to change. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

How to change Kodi splash screen
Kodi Splash Screen Location

2. Change Kodi Startup Screen

When you have found your Kodi boot image location to change Kodi splash screen you must replace the Splash.png file with the image you want to use. It must have the exact same file name and of a 1920 x 1080 resolution. There are many options available to you for your Kodi boot image. You can use a photo from your libraries, a custom image that you have created or a file downloaded from the internet. If you want to see the Kodi splash screen download options available then head over to Google, enter the keywords Kodi PNG and hit enter. When the results are returned click on the Images tab as shown below. [Read: How to Play Blu-ray Movie Discs with Kodi]

How to change kodi startup screen
Kodi Splash Screen Download

You will now see a massive list of Kodi splash screen download options available in PNG format. Select an image that you want to use and save it to your computer. Please check with whatever website you are downloading your PNG file from to ensure that you are allowed to use the file for your intended purpose. When you have a file for your new Kodi boot screen you are ready to proceed. First, rename the existing Splash.png file to Splash-old.png. This means that you can change Kodi splash screen back to the original should you need to. Next, save the new PNG file that you want to use into the Kodi splash screen file location and call it Splash.png. All of the required config is now complete! [Read: How to Change Language on Kodi]

how to change kodi splash image
Add Your New Kodi Startup Image

In the above image the green arrow shows the new Kodi boot image named Splash.png. The red arrow shows the old file renamed to Splash-old.png.

How to Change Kodi Splash Screen Video Tutorial

The below video tutorial shows you just how easy it is to change Kodi boot image. For many more Kodi guide videos subscribe to the Home Media Portal YouTube Channel now!

HMP Verdict – Change Kodi Boot Image

There is nothing more to it than that. If you would like to return to the original Kodi splash screen file simply rename Splash-old.png back to Splash.png. It is fully possible to replace the original Kodi splash screen file with an animation but we will look at this in another guide post. Any problems be sure to check your Kodi log file. Enjoy your new personalized Kodi startup screen. [Read: How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items]