How to Control Plex with Alexa – Media Streaming Voice Control


Amazon Alexa support for Plex Media Server is one of the great additions to the media playing package. Alexa support is one of the areas in which Plex exceeds other media player packages like Kodi and you can sit back and launch your digital content without lifting a finger. The Plex team have done a great job to get this up and running and it is remarkably easy to configure. In this “How to Control Plex with Alexa” post we take you through all of the steps needed to enable voice control on Plex. We will configure the Alexa skill, address the Alexa Plex setup on your media server and run through some of initial commands.

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How to Control Plex with Alexa – Media Streaming Voice Control

The Plex team have done a great job in bringing Amazon Alexa integration to their media playing package. They have also created some comprehensive documentation to accompany this available on their website. In this post we provide our setup guide with additional screenshots to help you on your way. Once you have completed all of the steps within this guide your must manually open up your Plex client app on your receiving device before you can issue any control voice commands.[Read: The Best Things You Can Do with Amazon Echo & Alexa]

Installing the Plex Alexa Skill on your Mobile App

In order to control Plex with Alexa we need to first install the Alexa skill. Fire up your Alexa app on your mobile device and hit the menu button at the top left of the screen. Then select Skills and the first screen that you will see allows you to search for new Alexa skills online. Enter the word “Plex” and the skill you need will be the first result as shown in the screenshot below. Select “Plex” from the results to download the skill. [Read: Best NAS for Plex – A Network Media Server]

control Plex with Alexa
Search for Plex Alexa Skill

Once the skill has downloaded the next screen will indicate that account linking is required. This is where you give the Alexa software the ability to talk to your Plex account. Located in the centre of the screen is a blue “Enable” button. Select this to Enable your new Plex Alexa skill. [Read: How to Download Plex Log File for Fault Diagnostics]

Alexa Plex Setup
Enable Plex Alexa Skill

Now is the time to link your Plex account to the Alexa skill. The next screen you will see asks you to sign in to your Plex account. The usual Plex sign in options are available here including Google, Facebook or standard email. Choose the option that suites you and enter your Plex account credentials. [Read: How to Make a Playlist on Plex – Plex Playlist Location]

Control Plex with Amazon Echo Dot
Sign in to your Plex Account

Once your Plex account login is successful you will be asked to authorise the link between the Alexa software and Plex. Hit the “Authorize” button in the centre of the screen and the process is complete. [Read: How to use Handbrake to Compress Video – Handbrake Tutorial]

Preparing You Media Server for Alexa Plex Commands

Once you have setup your mobile device you need to configure your Media Server to control Plex with Alexa. Here you must enable remote access. This is so that your Alexa device can connect to your Plex environment over the internet. You may have done this at the point of install but we will show you how to check. Please ensure that you follow the coloured arrows in the order that we state.  First click on the “Settings” icon shown by the red arrow on the below image. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

Plex Amazon Alexa Setup Guide
Enable Remote Access

Once you enter the Settings screen select the “Server” tab shown by the blue arrow in the above image. You will now notice a series of menu items on the left. Select “Remote Access” shown next to the green arrow. The final stage in the Alexa Plex setup is to hit the “Enable Remote Access” button. Plex will now go off and do its thing and you should soon receive confirmation that it has been enabled. [Read: Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services]

Amazon Alexa Initial Setup

At this point your Plex Media Server is ready and you are all set  to control Plex with Alexa. There is one final step in the alexa plex setup that you must complete.  With your Plex Media Server powered on say the following command to Alexa. [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]

“Alexa, Ask Plex to change my server”

Alexa should now provide you with a list of Plex servers available to you on your home network. Say the name of the server you would like to use from the list provided.

Now open up the receiving Plex app that you would like to stream your content to. Say the following command to Alexa.

“Alexa, Ask Plex to change my player”

Again, Alexa should provide you with a list of available players. Say the name of the client app from the list that you would like to use. If all has gone well up to this point your Alexa Plex setup is complete and you are ready to start using Alexa Plex Commands. [Read: Enable Kodi DLNA – Create a Kodi Media Server]

Speaking to Alexa for Plex

Generally if you want to issue a command to control Plex with Amazon Echo or Alexa you would usually begin the request with either “Alexa, ask Plex to….” or “Alexa, tell Plex to…” (This is open however and other options will work). You then add onto this what it is you that you would like her to get Plex to do. A good example would be to say “Alexa, tell Plex to play Back to the Future” or “Alexa, tell Plex to pause”. If you are unsure of what is its that you would like to watch you can try commands like “Alexa, ask Plex to suggest something to watch”. The list of available commands that work with Plex is quite extensive. The Plex team have put together a full list of what you can use available here. [Read: Top Mini ITX Cases for the Smallest HTPC Build]

HMP Verdict – Control Plex with Amazon Echo

Plex Media Server is one of the top media solutions and in fact leads the way when it comes to Alexa support. If you are running a media server in your home and have invested in the Amazon tech then of course you want to control Plex with Amazon Echo. The Plex team have made it extremely simple to set this up and their list of supported voice commands is pretty good. Your Alexa Plex setup should take you around 10 minutes to complete. Remember that you must manually open up your Plex receiving apps prior to issuing any commands. It is now over to you. Go ahead and give this a try and experiment with what Alexa can do for your media streaming. [Read: Gaming On Your HTPC]