How to Download Plex Log File for Fault Diagnostics


Plex Media Server is a feature rich easy to install media streaming solution that will fully enhance your movie and music enjoyment. There may be occasions however where issues crop up and your content is not streaming in the way you have come to expect. Thankfully a great place to start to diagnose your issue is the Plex activity log. Plex records the majority of its operations into a series of text files. In this “How to Download Plex Log Files” post we will show you how to enable different  types of logging and how to gain access to the Plex logs.

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How to Download Plex Log File for Fault Diagnostics

There are many ways in which the Plex activity log can be used to diagnose problems. There are too many to cover in a single guide post and in this article the aim is to download Plex logs onto your computer. This guide is for users with Plex installed on a Windows PC. If you your system is buffering, you are struggling with DLNA or you are after a Plex transcoding log then this guide will help you. There is no Plex log location as you must download the files as and when you need them. Let’s begin! [Read: Best TV Box for Netflix & Online Streaming Services]

To download Plex logs open up a web browser on your Plex Media Server and navigate to your Plex web console. Go to the main settings page by clicking on the spanner and cog shape at the top right of the screen. This is shown in the screenshot below. [Read: Gaming on your HTPC]

Download Plex Log File
Plex Settings

When you hit the main settings page you will see both vertical and horizontal menus. Select Server from the horizontal menu. This is shown in the image below next to the red arrow. We need to show all advanced settings in order to gain access to the required Plex logging options. Click on the Show Advanced button shown in the screenshot below next to the blue arrow. [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]

Dowload Plex Logs
Plex Advance Server Settings

Enable Plex Logging

In the next step we must ensure that Plex is logging as much information as possible for effective issue resolution. On the General page (left hand menu option) scroll down until you see the below tick boxes. [Read: Enable Kodi DLNA – Create a Kodi Media Server]

Enable Plex Debug & Verbose Logging

Ensure that both the "Enable Plex Media Server debug logging" and "Enable Plex Media Server verbose logging" boxes are ticked. Verbose logging does increase the number of entries in the log file so it is recommended that you switch this off once you download Plex logs and resolve your issue. [Read: Top Mini ITX Cases for the Smallest HTPC Build]

Create and Download Plex Logs

When you reach this stage you are ready to create and download the Plex activity log onto your computer. To download Plex log file select Help from the vertical menu and you will be presented with the screen below. Click the Download Logs button and you will then be asked to provide a location on your computer to save the zip file. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Plex Activity Log
Download Plex Log Files to your Computer

Now go to your Plex log location and open up the zip file. The Plex logs zip file contains a whole host of text files containing Plex logging information. Perhaps the most commonly used log file for fixing performance problems is the Plex Media Server.log file. This contains entries for the operational running of your media server and contains the Plex transcoding log information. When you begin looking for the solution to a problem this file is the best place to start. [Read: How to Auto Logon Windows 10]

Plex Activity Log – Final Thoughts

Now that you have completed the download Plex log file process it will become a great tool for keeping your media servers running smoothly. In order to generate some entries into your log file for your issue you must recreate the problem whilst Plex logging is enabled so that it can collect relevant data. For example if you are experiencing heavy buffering when watching movies run a few movies so that Plex can log the events whilst the problems are taking place. Download Plex log file now to help solve your media streaming frustrations!