How to Enable Zeroconf Kodi 18 – Phones, Remotes & AirPlay


Kodi provides a feature known zeroconf to allow you to easily pair devices to your media centre with no configuration required. When you enable zeroconf Kodi will become discoverable on your home network and other devices can locate it over the air. Kodi zeroconf can be used with remote control apps and is essential if your want to use Apple’s Airplay. In this “How to Enable Zeroconf Kodi 18” article we will look at what the tool is and show you how to enable it on your system. A full Kodi Zeroconf video tutorial is included at the end of this post.

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How to Enable Zeroconf Kodi 18 – Phones, Remotes & AirPlay

If you want to see the process in action see our Kodi Zeroconf video tutorial at the end of this post. The quick steps required to switch on zeroconf are as follows. Full details including screenshots are provided beneath. If you are using this guide to setup AirPlay with Kodi then see our full Kodi AirPlay article.

  1. Download and install Apple Bonjour found here.
  2. Click on the settings cog located at the top of the main left menu.
  3. Select Services settings.
  4. On the ‘General’ tab set a name for your device or use the ‘Kodi’ default.
  5. Switch on Announce services to other systems.
  6. Search for your Kodi device using your mobile apps.

So what is Zeroconf I hear you ask?

Zeroconf is a service that publishes connection details for your Kodi system on your local network. Kodi will advertise itself to other devices making it extremely easy to connect and stream to.

With Windows or Linux based systems to enable Kodi Zeroconf you must install additional software onto your system. Without this, when you switch on Zeroconf you will be presented with an error message stating that Zeroconf failed to start. Mac OSX comes preinstalled with all that you need. In our How to Enable Zeroconf Kodi 18 post we will be focusing on Windows based systems and for that you require Apple Bonjour. Please be sure to backup Kodi prior to working through this guide. If you are not using Kodi 18 Leia I recommend that you upgrade as this is the latest RC build with the newest feature set. [Extra Reading: How to Upgrade Kodi Media Centre Without Losing your Data]

Step 1 – Install Apple Bonjour on your System

Before we can enable Zeroconf Kodi 18 we must install the Apple Bonjour software. Bounjour Print Services for Windows is a tool designed to allow you to discover and configure Bonjour enabled printers. Although designed for print devices it comes with everything required to enable Zeroconf Kodi 18. Download Bonjour Print Services for Windows here. On the page that follows select the blue download button in the middle of the page as shown in the image below. [Extra Reading: How to Play Blu-ray Movie Discs with Kodi]

Enable Zeronconf Kodi 18
Install Apple Bonjour to enable Kodi Zeroconfig

There is no need for me to explain the installation process. When the executable downloads run it on your system and go through the options selecting all default settings. The Bonjour Print Services install process is simple and the full process should be complete in around 2 minutes. There are a number of firewall ports that need to be unblocked on your Windows firewall but the installation process should take care of all of these. [Extra Reading: How to Play Games on Kodi]

Step 2 – Enable Zeroconfig Kodi 18

Now that we have installed Apple Bonjour the next stage is to switch on Zeroconfig within Kodi. To do this select the settings. In Kodi 18 Leia you do this by clicking on the cog shape in the left hand menu. On the ‘Settings’ screen select Services settings on the far right side of the screen as shown. [Extra Reading: How to Setup TV Shows in Kodi]

Zeronconf not showing
Kodi Services Settings

The Services screen presents you with a number of Kodi services you can switch on to do different things. It will open up on the ‘General’ screen from the left menu. The first available setting allows you to configure the name of your system that will be presented to other devices. You can call this whatever you like but by default it is called ‘Kodi’. The second set of settings on this screen are for Kodi zeroconf. To enable zeroconf Kodi 18 switch on Announce services to other systems as shown below.

Kodi zeroconf setup guide
Kodi Zeroconfig Settings

You are now complete and Kodi zeroconf has been enabled on your system. If you are using an application that supports zeroconf like the official IOS remote application you should see your Kodi device pop on your phone when you search for zeroconf targets. There are many uses for zeroconf and some of these have been listed bbeneath the video that follows. [Extra Reading: How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items]

Enable Zeroconf Kodi Video Tutorial

Still need more help? Watch us setup zeroconf within Kodi in this full video tutorial.

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