How to Launch Android Apps from Kodi


If you are using an Android based device you have the option to launch Android apps from Kodi. With the massive tool set provided by Kodi media centre most Android users are choosing to boot their devices straight into the software. All of your movies, music and TV shows are available to you but there may be cases where you need your Android apps. Thankfully it is possible to open Android apps in Kodi and you do not need to exit to the main desktop to do so. This is something that you cannot do with a PC based device. In this post I will show you how to start Android apps from Kodi and explain where to find them in the media centre software. This is particularly useful for TV streaming apps where there is no Kodi addon available. A full video tutorial is available at the end of this post.

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How to Launch Android Apps from Kodi

A full video tutorial is available at the end of this post. To start Android apps from Kodi you do not have to add in each individual application. When it loads Kodi will automatically detect any Android applications that you have installed on your system. To find them simply navigate to the Add-ons option on the main Kodi menu and select it. This is shown in the image below.

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Launch Android Apps from Kodi
Select Kodi Add-ons

Once you enter the Add-ons menu you will see all of the addons and programs that are available to your Kodi install. Next go down to Android apps and select it. As you hover over this button you will see a small number of your Android apps but for the full list you must click it. This option is shown in the below screen shot.

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Start Android Apps from Kodi
Select Android Apps

When you enter the Android apps menu you will see all of your installed Android applications appearing as if they are native to Kodi. Have a browse through you applications and simply click on one to launch it.

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Open Android Apps in Kodi
Browse your Android Apps in Kodi

When you launch Android apps from Kodi the application will start and Kodi will remain live in the background. When you want to return to Kodi simply close down the Andoid app and Kodi will resume as the last application you used. It looks as if the two applications are part of the same product.

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How to Launch Android Apps in Kodi Video Tutorial

The video tutorial below shows you exactly where to find your Android apps within Kodi. Subscribe to the Home Media Portal YouTube Channel now to get the most out of your media solutions and many more tips and tricks.


When to Open Android Apps in Kodi

There are many occassions when it is useful to start Android apps from Kodi. Genrally speaking if there is a Kodi addon available for the task you are trying to complete then you should use it as the addon will be designed specifically for Kodi. However there are many things that do not have Kodi addons. For example a number of the catch-up TV services for the main TV stations do not have Kodi addons due to the streams being encrypted. Launching the official Android application for these services from within Kodi is as close as you are going to get and still looks like the application is part of Kodi.

Launching OS based applications from within Kodi is unique to the Android version and something that is not available to Windows based PC users. Enjoy!