How to Setup Official Kodi Remote on IOS & Android


You have gone through the Kodi install and configure process and your media files are running. You now need a method of controlling your media centre from the comfort of your couch. Kodi offers the perfect solution for this. The official Kodi remote is available for both IOS (IPhone & IPad) and Android. It is easy to setup and offers a fantastic interface for launching media files on your HTPC from your phone or tablet. You get to see the box art for your media libraries on you phone and can change what is playing at the touch of a button. The official Kodi remote is a fantastic addition to your media centre and is free to download. In this guide we will take you through step-by-step the Official Kodi Remote setup and provide all required Kodi Remote Control settings. A video tutorial is shown at the end of this post.

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Official Kodi Remote Setup on IOS & Android

A full video tutorial is shown at the end of this post. The official Kodi remote is available for both IPhone / IPad (IOS) and Android devices. If you have a Windows phone you will have to wait to setup Kodi Remote Control because it is not yet available. In this guide we will take you through the official Kodi remote setup steps. There are essentially two parts to this process; Kodi configuration and phone / tablet setup. We will look at the Kodi Remote Control settings for both areas. If you are looking for a physical remote we recommend the . Please ensure that you backup Kodi prior to implementing this guide.

Setup Kodi Remote Control – Kodi Configuration

Before we can setup Kodi Remote Control we need to find out what the IP address is for our media centre because this needs to be entered into the phone app. This can be done by going to System on the main Kodi home menu and then selecting System info.

Official Kodi Remote Setup
Enter System Info to Obtain IP Address

You will then be presented with the following screen. Your IP address is visable on the summary page and will usually be in the format of 192.168.x.x. Make a note of this address as we will need to enter this into the mobile app later.

Kodi System Information
Kodi System Information Screen

Next we need to enable Web server in Kodi. Go back to the Kodi home screen and click on System and then click Services on the left hand pane. The screen shot below shows you the menu that you will be presented with. To enable Web server tick the radio button next to Allow remote control via HTTP as shown in the below image.

Kodi WebServer Screen
Enable Kodi Web Services

You will see that the default port used is 8080 and that Kodi has assigned a user ID called kodi. You can set a password here if required to prevent unauthorised remote controls however this is not always necessary. Only devices on your network will be able to access your media centre and so they would have to be connected to your Wifi. Also there is an issue with some of the later versions of the IOS Kodi remote that prevents the remote from working when a password is set. For this guide we will leave it blank. We have now completed the Kodi configuration. The second requirement to setup Kodi Remote control is the phone/tablet App.

Download & Setup the Official Kodi Remote App – Kodi Remote Control Settings

We are now ready to install the Official Kodi Remote onto our phone or tablet and configure the Kodi Remote Control settings. If you are using an IPhone or IPad you can download it from the App Store and for Android retrieve it from Google Play Store. For either device simply search for Kodi Remote and it will usually be the top entry.

If you want the best physical remote for Kodi try the .

When you open the App for the first time you see the following screen. Here all of your Kodi media centres will be listed. To add a new media centre press the Add Host button.

Setup Kodi Remote Control
Add your Media Centre to Kodi

You will now be presented with the “Modify Kodi Server” screen shown in the image below. Here you need to add the following settings:

  • A description for your media centre (this can be anything)
  • The IP address you retrieved in the previous section
  • Add 8080 to the lower port (as shown in the image)
  • The user name and password configured in the previous section
Modify Kodi Server
Enter your Kodi Media Centre Details

When you have entered these settings press Save and you are done. The App will now return to the home screen where you will see your media centre. If you click on it you will be presented with your media libraries shown in the following screen. If you click on “Music” for example you will see all of your albums.

Kodi Remote Library Browser
Browser your Kodi Libraries

If you select an album you will be presented the available songs. Select a song and it will begin playing on your media centre.

Kodi Remote Select Song
Select a Song on Kodi Remote

Your Official Kodi Remote setup is complete. This guide should take you around 15 minutes and you can setup Kodi remote Control on as many devices as you like.

Official Kodi Remote Setup Video Tutorial

The below video tutorial shows both the required setup on the Kodi side and on the Official Kodi remote phone app.