How to Shrink Blu-ray to DVD Size with BD Rebuilder


DVD re-encoding has been around for some time and there are a tonne of applications out that that will do the job for you with ease. Blu-ray is somewhat trickier. Blu-ray disc sizes are huge in comparison. A few simple holiday video Blu-rays would soon fill up your media center if you were to convert them to digital file format. In this post we will take a look at a great piece of software that can be used to Shrink blu-ray to DVD size or select from a range of different output sizes. BD Rebuilder is one of the few Blu Ray converter tools that is free to use. This guide will take you through the initial installation and show you how to shrink your first blu-ray disc. [Read: Best Blu-ray Player Software]

How to Shrink Blu-ray to DVD with BD Rebuilder

Before we begin please note that the laws surrounding the creation of backups of commercial blu-ray discs varies from country to country. This Shrink Blu-ray to DVD guide is aimed at converting blu-ray discs that you have created yourself and that you own the rights to. If you are reading this with the intention of shrinking commercial blu-ray discs then please check the laws of your own country before proceeding. [Read: How to use Handbrake to Compress Video – Handbrake Tutorial]

Installing the BD Rebuilder Blu Ray Converter Software

You can download the latest BD Rebuilder installation package from the software’s homepage by clicking here. Download the latest version and unzip it to a location on your hard drive. [Read: How to Play Blu-ray Movie Discs with Kodi]

Before you run the main BD Rebuilder installation file you have a single prerequisite task. Locate the file “REG_MSCOMCTL.BAT” in the main installation folder that you have just unzipped to. Hold down the shift button and right click on it. Select “Run as administrator”. You will see a black console window open and then once the process completes you will be prompted with a message saying: “DLLRegisterServer in MSCOMCTL.OCX succeeded”. You are now ready to run the main BD Rebuilder setup file. Install the application using the setup wizard. The default installation options should suffice.

Shrink Blu-ray to DVD – Your First Conversion

In the next part of this guide we will show you how to use this Blu-ray Converter Software to compress your first disc. As previously stated blu-ray discs are huge and so we suggest that you have around 100GB of available storage on your computer for the application to work its magic. Fire up BD Rebuilder & insert the disc that you would like to convert. Select “Settings” from the main menu as shown below and then hover your mouse over Output Options. You will be presented with a range of different sizes to which you can shrink a blu-ray disc.

As we are looking to shrink a blu-ray to DVD size we will “choose Target Size BD-5 (DVD-5)”. Note the bottom two options here. If you have the ImgBurn application installed you can tick these options also to either output your conversion straight to disc or ISO file. [Read: Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services]


Shrink Blu-ray to DVD Size
Blu-ray Disc Rebuilder Disc Output File Size

Next on the main screen your must configure both your Source (the video that you would like to convert) and your Working path (a folder on your computer than can be used to make the conversion). In the screenshot below you can see that we have used “D:\” for the “Source” as this is our blu-ray drive and selected a suitable “Working Path” folder with plenty of available storage. BD Rebuilder will present all of the Blu-ray details of your chosen source as shown below. [Read: SSD vs HDD for HTPC & Gaming – Performance or Capacity]

Blu-ray Converter Software
Ready to Begin Backup

Blu-ray Re encoding Processes and Time

Hit the “Backup” button to begin the blu-ray re encoding process. If you have followed this guide to the word you will now be presented with a popup box saying: “You have selected DVD-5 output for a source with fairly significant content. Do you wish to continue anyway?” As we have chosen to shrink blu-ray to DVD size this is simply warning you that this is a lot of data to squeeze onto a DVD. Accept the warning message and your job will start. [Read: How to Play 2D Movies in 3D with Kodi Media Centre]

Blu-ray Reencoding
Begin Reencoding Blu-ray Disc

Your blu-ray re encoding will now start. BD Rebuilder will work through each file making the necessary conversions to reduce the sizes. The duration of the blu-ray re encoding process will depend two things. The Output Size that you have selected and your computers processing power. The smaller you go the longer it will take. Also having a decent CPU with multiple cores such as an Intel i7 will reduce times. [Read: Best Wireless Speakers for Home Audio]

Another word of warning, if you have selected the Output size of Target Size BD-5 (DVD-5) you may receive the warning “Audio and/or PGS size too large. Probable oversize. Continue?”. This means that even when re-encoded the audio on your blu-ray will force your final file size to exceed DVD size. If you select Yes to continue the conversion will still complete but your video will be larger that your initial chosen output size. We will address some additional settings for this in the next section. [Read: Best NAS for Plex – A Network Media Server]

BD Rebuilder Blu-ray Converter Software Settings

BD Rebuilder offers a whole host of encoder settings for you to adjust to achieve your desired file output. To view these select “Settings” from the main menu and then choose “Encoder Settings”. You will be presented with the screen below. We won’t run through all of these but there are a few of interest. If you have received the above warning message: “Audio and/or PGS size too large. Probable oversize. Continue?” ensure that “Do not reencode AC3 (Blu-Ray only)” under “Audio Encoding Options” is unticked. You can also try setting the option “Use 192 Kbs, 2 ch for AC3 encoding” for smaller audio files. [Read: How to Setup TV Shows in Kodi]

We would also recommend ticking “Remove WORKFILES after rebuild” under “General Encoding Options”. This will ensure that your computer remains tidy and allow you to set further blu-ray disc conversion jobs. Have a look through the available settings and assess which options could benefit your conversion job. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

blu-ray disc conversion tools
Blu-ray Disc Rebuilder Settings

HMP Verdict – Blu-ray Converter Software

There are few blu-ray converter software solutions out there and even less that are free to use. BD Rebuilder is an excellent choice that is packed full of features. It will allow you to shrink blu-ray to DVD size or to a range of other output sizes. Using this software can be trial and error. It may take you a number of attempts to achieve your desired file set. If you want to convert videos that you have created to a file size more suited to your digital media player then BD Rebuilder will deliver! [Read: Plex Media Server Review – Stream to Multiple Rooms & Devices]