Intel Core i5 4690K Processor Price Compare & Review


Intel Core i5 4690K Processor (3.5 GHz, 6 MB Cache, LGA1150 Socket) Review

The Intel Core i5 4690K Processor is currently the top selling CPU at major retailers like Amazon. At the time of writing this post the i5 processor range is middle of the CPU market offering you far greater processing power and features than the Intel i3 and is a lot more affordable than the i7. The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU is packed with features and will deliver the performance you need for any home computing tasks from top 3D movie playback to performance gaming. The CPU is a great choice for any home media centre. The Intel Core i5 4690K is a Socket H3 (LGA 1150 ) CPU so ensure compatibility with your motherboard prior to purchase.

Compare Intel Core i5 4690K Prices
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Intel Core i5 4690K CPU Specifications

Brand Intel Series i5 Max Mem 16GB
Weight 318 g Cores 4 Voltage 120 v
Model BX80646I54690K Mem Type DDR3 SDRAM Watts 88 w

The major difference between an i5 CPU and the earlier i3 series is the number of cores. Intel i3 CPUs were based on dual core technology whereas the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU is quad core giving you far greater processing power and the ability to carry out more tasks simultaneously. To add to this Intel brought out a new technology for the core i5 range known as Intel Turbo Boost. Think of this as like a safe over clocking feature. The CPU will automatically raise its clock speed if it deems it safe to do so. It will look at factors like the current core utilisation, current CPU power consumption and current CPU temperature and if it is safe to proceed it will boost the CPU clock speed improving the experience for the user. The CPU runs at a clock speed of 3.5GHz. With Intel Turbo Boost technology it can hit the heights of 3.9GHz.

The CPU also come s loaded with 6MB cache memory which is double the size of the Intel i3 range. Cache is used to store data that is frequently used by the CPU. Having a larger processor cache is great for HTPC media centres used for gaming and system emulators. Think about how a system emulator works. The Nintendo Wii emulator Dolphin must take each instruction the Wii CPU uses and translate it into its own format. It must do this time and time again as you play your games. The larger your cache the more of these instructions the CPU can keep in memory and therefore improve your emulator frame rates. The same advantages can be seen for PC gaming. The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU is capable of running all of the latest system emulators in their top resolutions. With the growth of PCs being used for home media Intel have added another new addition to the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU which is known as Intel RealSense technology. This adds new features to your computing experience like gestures control and 3D capture. Intel RealSense offers many new video and streaming capabilities that were not possible with i3 processors. The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU supports up to 16GB of RAM and uses DDR3 1333MHz or 1600MHz memory clock speeds. It utilises the Intel Graphics 4600 on-board graphics adaptor technology as with all CPUs in the Intel i5 range. The CPU has an average power draw down of 88W so take this into consideration when choosing your HTPC media centre power supply and cooling devices.

The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU Price

Whether or not the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU is for you comes down to the purpose of your HTPC media centre build and the tasks you want to complete with it. As stated earlier in the post the i5 processors fall middle of the market and you must be sure on your CPU needs. When compared with other similar models of CPU the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU is far superior and in terms of actual processing power per £ or $ this CPU offers the best value for money, hence its best seller status.

What Can I Run on The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU?

In terms of HTPC media centre applications the answer to this is pretty much everything. The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU can be used for performance gaming machines and will run all of the current top PC games (correct at time of posting and dependant on graphics card). It will also run all system emulators that are capable of running commercial games in full resolutions. Also consider a good motherboard for gaming.

Reasons to Buy Intel Core i5 4690K CPU

  • Hits the sweet spot for price vs performance
  • Will play the latest games and system emulators
  • Comes packed with Intel’s new technologies that the i3 processor range does not have

HMP Verdict

Being the middle of the market this CPU offers great value for money and the new features packaged with the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU are exceptional. We did some testing on the Turbo Boost technology and monitored how often the CPU peaked over the 3.5GHz clock speed and the impact on performance. The gaming experience was seamless. The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU comes with all of the advanced technologies that the i3 range has and more. One thing to be aware of with i5 CPUs is that they do not offer Hyper Threading technology whereas the i3 CPU range does. Do not pay extra for an i5 CPU just for the number of cores it has. Take into consideration other things like larger cache, clock speeds and Intel Turbo Boost before you make your decision. At HMP we fully recommend the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU but if a lower end processor is good enough to complete all of your HTPC media centre tasks then we advise you to take that option and upgrade later down the line when prices have fallen. That said processing power per pound the Intel Core i5 4690K CPU is a real winner and will currently run all the latest PC games and system emulators. The Intel Core i5 4690K CPU will last you and will be a solid processor for many years.