Kodi Backup Addon – The Old Ones are the Best


The Kodi Backup addon has been around for some time but it is still one of the best ways to protect your media center. The addon is extremely simple to use and provides you with a whole host of options to backup Kodi. You can select the configurations that you would like to include, save to local disk or backup kodi settings to USB. In this post will will take you through the steps required to complete your first backup. Once you have your first set of backup files we will then show you how to restore Kodi settings to get your system back up and running.

Best Accessories for Kodi Solutions

When you have setup the Kodi Backup addon check out some of our recommended accessories for Kodi.

VONTAR T6 Plus 2.4GHz Remote
VONTAR T6 Remote
Somatosensory Mouse, Infrared Remote, 2.4GHz Wireless QWERTY Keyboard & Touchpad, Colorful Backlit, Lithium Battery. For Kodi, PC & Android. Micro USB charging.
Esynic 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard
Esynic Wireless Keyboard
2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse. Control Kodi from the comfort of your sofa. Supports PC, Android, Smart TV and other devices.
TBS DVB-S2 Dual Satellite Tuner
TBS TV Tuner
Watch satellite TV & listen to radio on PC from within apps like Kodi (PVR). Twin tuner allowing you to record multiple channels.
Toshiba X300 4TB Hard Drive
Toshiba X300
4TB storage capacity, 7200RPM speed, 128MB cache, 3.5" SATA. Reliable internal storage for your media center.
WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD
WD Elements 2TB
USB 3.0 portable hard drive in black for multiple devices. Carry your Kodi media libraries in your pocket.

Kodi Backup Addon – The Old Ones are the Best

We advise that you use the information in this post every time you want to make changes to your media center. You will have undoubtedly spent a lot of time getting your solution right. It can be disastrous if something goes wrong. If you are using a Windows based machine and want to backup the entire system and not just Kodi we suggest a system image backup. [Read: Change Kodi Aspect Ratio & Minimize Black Bars on Movies]

How to Install Kodi Backup Addon

Before you can backup Kodi settings to USB or any other storage media we need to get the addon deployed to your system. If you have never installed an add-on before our “How to Install Addons with Kodi” post will provide a full overview but we will explain some simple steps here. Select “Add-ons” from the main Kodi menu and then select “Install from repository” at the top of the screen as shown below. The Kodi backup addon is free to download and is available from the Official Kodi Repository. [Read: How to Play Blu-ray Movie Discs with Kodi]

Kodi Backup Addon
Install Backup From Official Kodi Repository

The screen that follows shows all of the repositories that you have added to your Kodi solution. Select “Kodi add-on repository” and then choose “Program add-ons”. You will then be presented with the below image. All of the available Program add-ons are shown in alphabetical order. Scroll down to “Backup by robweber” and select it. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

backup kodi settings to USB
Kodi Backup in the Official Kodi Repository

At this point an information screen will be presented to you. This shows all of the details for the Kodi Backup addon. Read the and digest the information and then hit “Install” at the bottom right of the screen to begin. In a few minutes the Kodi Backup addon will be installed to your Kodi system. Backup has a number of dependencies that must also be installed (additional add-ons). You will be prompted to install these as the process commences.[Read: How to Setup Official Kodi Remote on IOS & Android]

How to Backup & Restore Kodi Settings

Once the installation is complete you can start the Kodi Backup add-on by selecting “Add-ons” from the main Kodi menu. Next, select “Program Add-ons”. The screen that follows will present all of your Kodi program add-ons including Backup. Click on the Kodi Backup Add-on to start it. The first screen you will see is shown in the screenshot below. The main screen allows you to Backup, Restore or Open Settings. We have some initial configuration to make. Select “Open Settings”. [Read: How to Play 2D Movies in 3D with Kodi Media Centre]


Restore Kodi Settings
Kodi Backup Addon – Main Menu

The screenshot beneath shows you what you will see. The “General” tab allows you to configure backup compression settings and define how many backups you would like to keep. Before you can run your first Kodi backup we must tell the add-on where to store your backup files. Select the “Remote Dir” tab and then select “Browse Remote Path” as shown. Choose a folder on your device or if you want to backup kodi settings to USB then select your USB stick or hard drive. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

Backup Kodi Profiles
Configure Your Save Location

The Remote Path is the only setting within the Kodi Backup addon that you MUST configure. The other settings are for you to customize how your backup will work and what it will include. We will quickly touch upon the other available settings and what they can be used for. [Read: How to Make a Smart Playlist on Kodi – For Audio & Video]

Other Useful Kodi Backup Settings

The “File Selecting” tab allows you to define which Kodi features to include in your backup. You can select from the following options: [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]

  • User Addons
  • Addon Data
  • Database
  • Playlist
  • Profiles
  • Thumbnails/Fanart
  • Config Files
  • Custom Directory 1
  • Custom Directory 2

Generally speaking the default settings will provide you with a suitable Kodi backup to restore the main features of your system in the event of failure. You can include everything here but bear in mind that what you select will affect the size of your backup files. Thumbnails and Fanart can be huge and most can be re-downloaded once Kodi is restored. [Read: How to Update Kodi Library Automatically – Scan for New Content]

The “Scheduling” tab allows you to configure a full backup schedule so that regular backups can take place without you having to do anything. Perfect if you make regular changes to your media center. [Read: How to Change Kodi Splash Screen – Custom Startup Image]

Backup & Restore Kodi Settings

When you have set a Remote Path and decided on any other settings you want then using the Kodi backup addon could not be simpler. On the main screen of the add-on you can select either “Backup” or “Restore”. Hit the “Backup” button now and the add-on will begin saving your data. It will create a folder within your selected Remote Path location named using both the date & time the backup was created and save all of your Kodi configuration items within that folder. This is shown in the image below. Keep this folder safe and you can always restore Kodi settings to this point in time. [Read: Best NAS for Plex – A Network Media Server]

Kodi Backup Location
Kodi Backup Addon – Folder Structure

If you want to restore Kodi settings from a backup then hit “Restore” on the main screen. You will be presented with the image below. This contains all of the backup sets that you have saved in your chosen Remote Path location. Select the date and time that you would like to restore to and then the process will begin. Within a few minutes your Kodi solution will be back to its previous state. [Read: Best TV Box for Netflix and Online Streaming Services]

Restore Kodi Configuration
Restore Your Kodi Solution

HMP Verdict – Kodi Backup Addon

The Kodi Backup has been around for a while now. It is still however one of the best ways to protect your media center solution. You can quickly and easily backup Kodi settings to USB or a local disk on your system and customize what the backup should contain. If you are someone who is always tinkering with your Kodi system then why not create a backup schedule and allow the Backup addon to take regular backups for you. You can spend many weeks and months developing your Kodi solution and there is nothing worse than a system failure causing you to lose the lot. With the Backup addon you can restore Kodi settings in minutes and fully protect your media center solution. [Read: Top Mini ITX Cases for the Smallest HTPC Build]