Kodi FTV Skin Install – Makes Kodi Look like the Fire TV


There are many great Kodi skins out there but one you may not have heard of is the FTV Kodi skin. The FTV skin is designed to make your Kodi solution look like the Amazon Fire TV OS. You get the exact same look and feel to the Fire TV with similar icons and menu layout. The FTV Skin for Kodi can be installed on most versions of the application but it is particularly good for Amazon devices with Kodi installed where you want to retain the original feel of your solution but with the functionality of Kodi. In this Kodi FTV Skin Install guide we will look at where you can pickup the skin and how to apply it to your media centre. At the end of this post we include a video tutorial showing the full install and how the skin looks.

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Best Kodi Accessories

When you have setup the Kodi FTVFred Skin take a look at some of the below Kodi accessories.

VONTAR T6 Plus 2.4GHz Remote
VONTAR T6 Remote
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Esynic 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard
Esynic Wireless Keyboard
2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse. Control Kodi from the comfort of your sofa. Supports PC, Android, Smart TV and other devices.
TBS DVB-S2 Dual Satellite Tuner
TBS TV Tuner
Watch satellite TV & listen to radio on PC from within apps like Kodi (PVR). Twin tuner allowing you to record multiple channels.
Toshiba X300 4TB Hard Drive
Toshiba X300
4TB storage capacity, 7200RPM speed, 128MB cache, 3.5" SATA. Reliable internal storage for your media center.
WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD
WD Elements 2TB
USB 3.0 portable hard drive in black for multiple devices. Carry your Kodi media libraries in your pocket.

Kodi FTV Skin Install – Makes Kodi Look like the Fire TV

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For this Kodi FTV install guide we will be using Kodi 17 Krypton but the skin is available for most versions of the software. We will be using the FTVFred version of the skin. This has a few modifications to it and it works with Kodi 17 Krypton. Before installing the FTV skin for Kodi to your system please ensure that you backup Kodi. This will allow you to roll back your changes if you run in to any problems. We will now start the Kodi FTV skin download. Other useful reading is our full Install Kodi Skins guide. You can also see our full video tutorial for this install at the end of the post. [Read: Estuary Mod Install from the Guilouz Repository]

Kodi FTV Skin Download

The Kodi FTV Skin download (FTVFred version) comes as a single zip file which needs to be saved onto your computer before we can start the install. The author hosts the skin on GitHub and it is free to download. You can find the download page by clicking here. When you land on the page click on the large green Clone or download button and then select Download ZIP as shown in the image below. Save the zip file to a suitable location on your computer. [Read: Arctic Zephyr Install: Arctic Zephyr Kodi Skin for Elegance]

Kodi FTV Skin Install
Download FTV From the Github Page

FTV SKin Kodi 17 Install

See our full install video tutorial at the end of this post.

Once your Kodi FTV skin download is complete you need to install it into Kodi as an addon. If you have do not know how to install a Kodi addon from zip file then visit this link for full written instructions. When you have successfully completed the addon install Kodi will ask you if you would like to switch to your new skin as shown in the image below. Select Yes to complete the FTV Skin install. [Read: The Official Kodi Repository – Kodi Addons, Skins & Tools]

Kodi FTV skin download
Switch to FTV Kodi Skin

When you make the switch to the FTV Skin for Kodi it will provide you with two immediate warnings. The first is shown in the next screenshot and warns you that the mouse if not support with this skin. This is because the OS used by Amazon devices is remote only and so to stay inline with this mouse support has been removed from the FTV Kodi skin. The second warning message relates to parent folder for your libraries. Select YES for each of these warning messages to finalise the Kodi FTV Skin Install. [Read: How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items]

FTV Skin for Kodi
FTV Skin Install Notification

FTV Skin Kodi 17 – Initial Configuration

At this point in the Kodi FTV skin install you will now be into Kodi and the FTVFred Kodi skin will be displayed. You will immediately notice the same look and feel as the original Amazon Fire device OS but you will also notice that none of your content has been displayed. You must now run through and setup each of your libraries. I will only discuss the setup of your movie library as the other items are done in the same way. When you navigate to movies you will see the below screenshot stating “No content configured”. Click set widget content. [Read: How to Play Background Music on Kodi Media Centre]

FTV skin Kodi 17
FTV Skin Blank Canvas

This will take you to the below menu for configuring what is displayed when you navigate to movies on the home screen. You can configure multiple entries here but we will use just one. Select Choose Shortcut. This will open up a browser screen. You must now navigate to the location of your movie library and when you get there select the option that says Create menu item to here. Once you have done this the Kodi home screen menu item for movies will now take you straight to your movie library  and your content will be displayed. [Read: Kodi Controller Configuration – A Gamepad Remote]

Kodi FTV skin
Select FTV Menu Items

You must now repeat this FTV Kodi skin process for each of the Kodi home screen menu items until all of your content is set. The Kodi FTV skin install is now complete. When you are done have a look around the FTV skin for Kodi. You will be impressed with its look and feel.

Kodi FTV Skin Fred Edition Look & Feel

The screenshot below shows the Kodi settings page. You will be familiar with all of the options available to you but see how they are now all in the style of the Amazon Fire TV. [Read: How to Lock Kodi using Kodi Master Lock Code]

Kodi FTV Fred Edition
Kodi FTV Skin Settings Screen

The screenshot below shows a sample movie library using the FTV Skin Kodi 17 (Fred version). The box art is set out in the same style as the Fire TV. The Kodi options shown below the movies all have the Fire TV feel to them. The theme is that convincing you forget that this is the FTV Kodi skin and not the Fire TV. [Read: How to Enable Airplay Kodi – Everything you Need to Know (including IOS 10)]

Kodi Amazon Skin
Kodi FTV Skin Movies

Kodi FTV Fred Edition Install Video Tutorial

The below video shows the Kodi FTV Fred Edition install from start to finish.

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FTV Skin Kodi 17 – Final Thoughts

If this is the first time you have used the FTV Skin for Kodi you will be impressed with it. It is the perfect skin for Kodi on Fire TV devices as it maintains the original Amazon look and feel. The Kodi home screen is fully customisable giving you full control over what you see. The mouse support has been disabled in order to stay in line with the Fire TV.  The install and configuration is simple and it is a great option for those who love the Amazon Fire TV. Enjoy the FTV skin Kodi 17. [Read: 30 Best Kodi Skins – The Complete List]