Launchbox Missing Artwork – How to Fix


Launchbox makes it extremely easy to add box images and fanart to your retro rom collections. This is done using easy to follow wizards designed to make importing collections simple. On the odd occasion however when you add a full rom set you may spot some Launchbox images not showing or incorrect box art. In this simple post we will show you how to address this Launchbox missing artwork issue and how to finish off your rom setup with art for every title.

Best Game Controllers for Launchbox Use

When you have corrected your missing artwork check out some of our best game controller recommendations to use with Launchbox:

XBOX 360 Wireless
XBOX 360 Wireless Controller
2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range. Use four controllers simultaneously. Adjustable vibration. Integrated headset port. Requires 2 AA Batteries.
XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
Use up to four Wireless Controllers and four Wireless Headsets simultaneously. Plugs into PC USB port & has a six foot cable.
Valve Steam Controller
Valve Steam Controller
Control any PC game including those not designed for gamepad. Dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and customizable control schemes.
Nintendo Wii Remote
Nintendo Wii Remote
Classic controller from the Nintendo Wii games console. The perfect choice for games console emulators such as Dolphin. Requires Bluetooth & configuration. Available in multiple colours.
PS4 Dual Shock
PS4 Dual Shock Controller
Precision controller from Sony. Multiple buttons, analogue sticks & triggers. Features built-in speaker & stereo headset jack. Required Sony adapter for PC use. Great for Arcade emulators!
Mayflash Arcade Stick
Mayflash Arcade Stick
The full arcade experience! Compatible with PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX360 & PC, Android, Switch. Supports both XINPUT & DINPUT.

Launchbox Missing Artwork – How to Fix

We always recommend that you use the full version of Launchbox. It you don’t have this you can pickup a license from the Launchbox homepage. This will also give you access to the Big Box emulator frontend for TV use!

This guide post assumes that you have already added some full rom sets to you Launchbox solution. If you are yet to do this then take a look at the following post for full details: How to Add ROMs to Launchbox – Import Game Collections. Launchbox images not showing correctly will either be caused by the software being unable to detect what the particular title is or that there are no images available for the title in the online repositories. The repositories are huge and so fortunately this scenario is rare. When you navigate through your titles the following image will be displayed for titles in Launchbox missing artwork. [Read: How to Add Emulators to Launchbox & Big Box]

Fix Launchbox Missing Artwork
Launchbox Missing Artwork Icon

Searching the Launchbox Online Databases for Artwork

When you spot a title that is displaying the above image right click on it and select “Edit”. The game editor screen will appear as shown in the below image. Ensure that the title of the game is correct and hit the “Search Metadata” button. A popup message should appear stating: “An updated metadata package is available from the Launchbox Games Database. Would you like to download it before searching?”. Select “Yes” and Launchbox will ensure that it has all of the latest information from the online databases. [Read: How to Add DOS Games to Launchbox & Big Box]

Launchbox Images Not Showing
Search Metadata in Launchbox for New Images

Next, if you click on the little down arrow next to the title you will see a list of the online locations at which Launchbox has found metadata that it believes could relate to your selected title. Notice that next to each entry it states which platform the particular metadata set is for. If you see the correct platform for your title then select it. This will then populate the “Edit Game” window with the relevant title metadata. Next hit the “Download Images/Media” button at the bottom right hand side of the screen to pull in any available images. Finally click “OK” and your rom set should refresh but this time displaying the correct image for the title. [Read: How to Integrate Launchbox on Kodi and get the Best of Both]

Launchbox Images Not Showing & No Downloadable Metadata

The online sources that Launchbox uses are excellent but are not 100%. You may search the databases for an obscure title and be unable to find the correct metadata for your chosen platform. Fear not as there is the option to manually fix Launchbox missing artwork. Google images is a fantastic resource for old game artwork and a simple search can present hundreds of options to you. Run a quick search and try to find a suitable image or feel free to create an image of your own. When you have an image make sure that you give it the same title as your problematic rom file. [Read: How to Change Big Box Theme – Big Box Custom Themes]

When you have an image ready navigate to the Launchbox “Images” folder on your computer. This will be in whichever location you originally installed the application to. When you get into this folder you will see a list of platforms of which you have added rom sets to Launchbox. Select the platform for your title with Launchbox images not showing. The next screenshot shows you what you will see and the Launchbox folder structure is rather self explanatory. [Read: Create Launchbox Custom Playlists for your Favorite Games]

Launchbox showing incorrect box art
Launch Box Artwork Folders

In this example we are looking to fix a standard box front. Select the folder “Box – Front”. When you get into this location you will see a vast quantity of images for your other rom titles that Launchbox has automatically downloaded. Copy the image that you have downloaded or created into this location. Now restart Launchbox and your title with missing box art should be corrected displaying your new image. You can use the other folders in in the Launchbox “Images” location to manually correct other artwork types. [Read: How to Play Games on Kodi]

HMP Verdict – Fix Launchbox Missing Artwork

You will struggle to find a better emulator frontend than Launchbox and specifically when it comes to managing artwork. Nine times out of ten the software will setup your artwork for you but on the odd occasion that this fails and you see you see Launchbox images not showing correctly then these can be easily rectified. First ensure that you have the correct details in the game editor and if you are still unable to resolve the issue you can perform the manual correction. These simple steps will ensure that your retro collections are complete! [Read: Best CPU for Emulation – Computers, Consoles & Arcades]