Morex 557 Review – A Mini-ITX HTPC Case


If the main purpose of your HTPC media centre build is Kodi and video streaming then size really does matter! By this I mean if you do not require any performance graphics hardware then the smaller the better. A compact HTPC can be hidden away amongst your TV setup and won’t look out of place. It also gives you portability and the ability to transfer your media centre to any room in the house. Enter the Morex 557 HTPC case. The Morex 557 case is of mini-ITX form factor and is one of the smallest PC cases you will find. In our Morex 557 review we will take you through what this case has to offer and how it can benefit your build. Our Morex 557 price compare table will allow you to compare its price to similar compact cases.

Morex 557 Price Compare

MorexSmallest mini-ITX Case - External PSU
Chieftec2X 2.5" HDD or 1X 3.5". Compact Design
Thermaltake2X 2.5" or 2X 3.5" HDD. Front USB Ports
Cooler Master4X 2.5" or 3X 3.5" HDD. Front USB Ports
Silverstone TechnologySupports Full Sized Graphics Cards
Silverstone TechnologySupports Full Sized Graphics Cards

Morex 557 Review – A Mini-ITX HTPC Case

The Morex 557 case is designed to provide just enough internal space for the basic PC components. It is perhaps the smallest mini-ITX case you will find. You can fit a mini-ITX motherboard, CPU and a single 2.5″ hard disk. One of the key space saving features of this case is that it utilises an external power supply which is included in the package. With its size you will not fit any graphics / sound cards and you must use a motherboard with on-board solutions. The Morex 557 HTPC case is perfect for those who want a media centre build solely for video streaming and playback.

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Morex 557 Review
Morex 557 Case

Morex 557 Review – Key Features

The main selling point for the is its size. Coming in at just 195x 190 x 66.2(mm) it is one of the smallest PC cases on the market today. It is designed to be used for kiosks and minimal component systems but with the ability to take any mini-ITX motherboard it is great for the HTPC enthusiast. The product is extremely portable and the sum of your components will weigh significantly more than your outer shell. I do recommend that you check the combined height of your chosen CPU and heat sink prior to purchase to ensure that it will fit. The majority of popular AMD/Intel CPUs will but better to be on the safe side.

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Morex 557 Review
Morex 557 Case Front

– Power & Cooling

As already stated the Morex 557 case comes with an external PSU to save space in the main case. This is easy to setup and the case comes with all of the required attachments to connect this to your mini-ITX motherboard. For such small devices external power supplies are certainly the way forward. In terms of cooling the case has a simple solution in that vents are located on every side of the case other than the front. The Morex 557 HTPC case has the perfect cooling system for the build types it supports. With no space for expansion cards and particularly dedicated GPUs you should never need any additional cooling. The air flow through the case will keep your motherboard and CPU at their optimum temperatures.

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Morex 557 HTPC Case
Morex 557 Case Rear

Morex 557 HTPC Case – Ports & Noise

The front panel of the is very simple. It houses just the power button and 2x USB 2.0 ports. If you require additional USB expansion ports can of course make use of the ones on the rear of your device and motherboard mounted. In terms of noise it is highly unlikely that you will have any issues with this case. The limited space for components means that the only internal fan your system should have is the CPU cooler. Also the external PSU is extremely quiet and can be hidden away behind your TV setup generating minimal noise. The Morex 557 HTPC case package comes with a set of rubber feet that will reduce any vibration produced by your media centre. Any machine built with a Morex 557 case should be very quiet indeed!

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Morex 557 Case External PSU
Morex 557 Case Components

Morex 557 Review – Component Accessibility

Lets face it with any HTPC case this small you can expect little room to maneuver when it comes to fitting your components! The Morex 55 is definitely no exception but there doesn’t need to be. Builds with this case are extremely simple. The hood can be lifted off giving a completely clear view of the motherboard mounts. You fit the board, connect the external PSU attachment and add an internal hard drive to a rail kit that crosses over the top of the motherboard. The entire physical build of your HTPC can be done in around 15 minutes from start to finish!

Morex 557 Price

At first glance you may feel that the Morex 557 case is a little over priced for its size but remember that similar products do not come with a power supply. When you combine the cost of a great looking, innovative HTPC case with an additional PSU you will see that the Morex 557 is very competitive. The Morex 557 will allow you to build a great HTPC system, that is easy to manage and can be easily moved from room to room in your house. At its current price the 557 is a bargain!

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Morex 557 Review – Reasons to Buy

When completing our Morex 557 Review we were overwhelmed with reasons to go with this case for video streaming HTPC systems. These are as follows:

  • Looks great
  • Easy access to your components with a build time of 15 minutes
  • One of the smallest HTPC cases on the market today
  • Wall mountable or can be attached to the rear of a TV
  • Power supply included
  • Fantastic price

from Amazon now!

HMP Verdict – Morex 557 Case Review

The Morex 557 HTPC case is one of the smallest mini-ITX cases you will find on the internet. There is just enough space for the motherboard, CPU and a 2.5″ hard disk. The external PSU that this case utilises saves masses of space and leaves your system tiny. It also helps reduce the noise output from your machine. The PSU can be tucked away behind you TV set well out of the way. The Morex 557 case will fit into almost any TV cabinet or can be mounted onto the rear of your TV set or a wall. This case looks good and generally HTPC cases do not come with power supplies and with this one it is included in the price. The Morex 557 case will allow you to build a great looking, portable HTPC system.