Silverstone Milo ML07 Home Theatre PC HTPC Case Price Compare & Review


The Silverstone ML07 HTPC case is the perfect choice for anyone who wants high end gaming capabilities in a HTPC.  Based on Silverstone’s Raven RVZ01 technology the design aim was to create a sleek product to take its place in any living room but be capable of housing the most powerful graphics cards on the market allowing users to bring the very latest games to their home media pcs. The ML07 has the same inner layout as the Raven RVZ01. It does however look less of a games console and more of an amp which many media centre owners prefer.  The case is suited to both horizontal and vertical orientation and so will fit the majority of home TV cabinets. In our Silverstone ML07 review will take you through the ins and outs and show what this case can do for your HTPC. There is also a Silverstone ML07 price compare feature to accompany the article.

Silverstone ML07 Price Compare

Use our Silverstone ML07 Price Compare feature to pitch the ML07 against other similar cases.

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Silverstone TechnologySupports Full Sized Graphics Cards


Silverstone ML07 Review
Silverstone ML07 Low Profile Case

The image above shows the key dimensions of the Silverstone ML07 case.

Silverstone Milo ML07 Key Features

As mentioned the main goal Silverstone wanted to achieve with this case was to create the most compact design possible but supporting the leading gaming graphics cards and they achieved this using a PCI-E riser card. The riser positions the graphics card horizontally in a separate chamber reducing the depth required in the case design. This has two other benefits.  With the graphics card moved away from the main board the GPU components do not overhang the motherboard. This allows us to use graphics cards with larger cooling devices.  Having the graphics card and main board in separate chambers also aids cooling. It keeps your system temperatures low when the machine is carrying out the more demanding tasks.

The PCI-E riser card allows graphics cards up to 13 inches or 33cm and double case slot cards. This covers most gaming graphics cards on the market today!   Silverstone wanted the ML07 to use the smallest core components but giving you choice when it comes to none standard parts that the user would want to customise. For the motherboard the case supports both the ITX and mini-ATX form factors and the depth of the case allows an 83mm high CPU cooler. There is no PC main board smaller than these two standards.

Silverstone ML07 Review – Power & Cooling

The ML07 case uses SFX technology for the power supply. SFX PSUs are very efficient in what they do and can deliver the power the latest graphics chipsets need but are smaller in size (unfortunately this adds to the price tag). SFX power supplies are significantly quieter than standard PSUs. This is a must on media centre systems designed for watching movies or playing music. Silverstone have positioned the PSU at the front of the case with a cable running through to the back connection. This again cuts space requirements.

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If you are going to build a system designed for performance then cooling is always going to be important and is often a challenge for compact low profile cases. The chamberisation of the key components and the perfectly positioned vents means that the system remains cool during the most demanding of tasks. As a test we ran some of the latest games in higher resolutions and the system temperature hit a maximum of 33 degrees when using standard CPU & GPU coolers. The case has a large vent on the underside for the graphics card and a large vent on the top for the CPU. If that wasn’t enough the ML07 has vents running all the way along each edge which are discreet and hidden away from view. There is also space for water cooling devices if you want to go that far or if your system really needs it.

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Review – Ports and Noise

The ML07 supports a single hard disk and both 3.5 and 2.5 inch standards. If you are building a performance media centre with gaming in mind or watching Blu-ray movies then you are going to need and optical disk drive and the case supports a single Slim Slot Loading drive located above the graphics card. The front of the case has all of the HD Audio sockets and 2X USB3 ports. Because Silverstone wanted the case to suite the living room and not appear like a techie’s performance PC the optical disk drive, the HD Audio ports and the power/reset buttons are all hidden away. The only thing that does stand out a little are the two front USB3 ports but these do not spoil the look and feel of the case.

Not only does the ML07 look great but it sounds great too in that it is very quiet. The noise levels will of course vary depending on your graphics card you choose and the size/number of fans. That said everything is positioned with noise reduction in mind. As stated SFX technology is used for the power supply which is generally the quieter of the PSU technologies. The PSU is nicely hidden away deep inside the case. You also get a set of anti-vibration components to reduce the noise levels further. These include a set of braces to lock your graphics card to the outer edge of the case. There are also 4 rubber half sphere feet to attach to the bottom for the case to sit on. For the best noise reduction results you may want to pay that little bit extra for a QuietPC cooler.

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Silverstone ML07 Review – Component Accessibility

One of the real selling points for the Silverstone Ml07 is the ease of build. Many low profile HTPC Media Centre cases are that tight inside they are difficult to build and give you a real head ache when it comes to upgrades. With the ML07 the majority of your components are attached to rails or brackets which allows you to lift the parts of your system out in groups making it quick and easy to get through to the area you want to work on.

The lid slides off with ease and most components are visible as soon as you lift the hood. The case comes complete with a printed copy of the user manual. This explains everything you need to get your PC up and running and this is also available in PDF format.

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The Silverstone ML07 HTPC case is without doubt a top case for performance media centres but if you want to utilise some of the best graphics cards but still have a case that suites the living room you need to be prepared to pay a little more for it. Price wise this case is middle of the market and in my opinion is well worth the investment. This case will last as it will support your upgrades for the foreseeable future. See our Silverstone ML07 Price Compare above to see a comparison against other similar cases.

Reasons to Buy Silverstone Milo ML07 Case

  • Looks great
  • Low profile
  • Plenty of space for hardware components
  • Supports the top performance gaming graphics cards
  • Very competitive price when compared to similar HTPC media centre cases
  • Great price – See our Silverstone ML07 Price Compare above.

HMP Verdict – Review

The Silverstone ML07 case is a winner for anyone who wants a high performance home theatre system that looks sleek in any living room. The product is aesthetically well designed and very simple to build and upgrade. It has been built with complete efficiency in mind for everything from component cooling to space utilisation. There are cheaper alternatives available but not at this price that look great and are so feature rich. The Silverstone ML07 review gets the thumbs up from us! For best prices see our Silverstone ML07 Price Compare above.

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Supported Motherboards

Finished reading our Silverstone ML07 review and considering your build? See our Silverstone ML07 Price Compare to find where to buy. This case supports both min-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. A selection of these can be found here: