Thermaltake Core V1 Review – The mini ITX Cube Case


HTPC builds have specific requirements when it comes to choosing the right case. You want something that looks good and will sit nicely in a living room. Generally speaking you want to keep the design small with just enough space to house your components. With the birth of 4K video and the increased interest in HTPC gaming builds performance components are moving into our solutions. A top choice for incorporating these is the Thermaltake Core V1 mini ITX cube case. This chassis offers a great look and with plenty of space. In this Thermaltake Core V1 review we will asses what this case can do for your HTPC build. We also include a Thermaltake Core V1 price compare feature.

Thermaltake Core V1 Price Compare

Use our Thermaltake Core V1 price compare to pitch the Thermaltake Core V1 against other mini-ITX HTPC cases.

ProductBest UseDetail
Smallest Smallest case, easy access, fast build time, external PSU, PSU included
More Disk SpaceHorizontal or vertical positioning, space for 2 hard drives (2.5" or 3.5")
Excellent CoolingSupports most custom coolers, 2x hard drives (2.5" or 3.5"), modular design, support for PCI cards
Gaming HTPCsExcellent design, 1X 3.5" or 2X 2.5" HDDs, supports custom cooling devices, supports larger PCI cards (see sizes below)
Unique DesignCylindrical case design, 1X 2.5" or 3.5" HDD, supports low profile PCI cards

Review – The mini ITX Cube Case

Thermaltake Core V1 Review

The Thermaltake Core V1 is a case designed for customisation and tuning. One of the first things to talk about in our Thermaltake Core V1 case review is how it gives you control over your HTPC build design and the ability to tweak almost everything. If you are someone who wants to create the perfect mini-ITX performance build and tune it to its full potential then this case is for you. A Thermaltake Core V1 build is one that you can continually improve and upgrade.

There are many case customisations to discuss. Firstly the fans. The Thermaltake Core V1 is designed to support the very best air and water cooling devices and space has been allocated for these. You also get a number of fan options out of the box. There are 3 front fan types in various sizes depending on how much air flow you require and two optional fans for the rear of the case.

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best small htpc cases
Thermaltake v1 Gaming Case

The case is divided into chambers. The top chamber is used to house the motherboard and all of its components whilst the lower chamber is left for the PSU and clean and tidy cable management. This chamberisation adds to the cooling capabilities of the case and provides optimum air circulation. The sides and top of the case are fully interchangeable. You can install mesh style sides with vents taking up approximately 40% of each panel or you can opt for clear sides if you want to show off the inner workings of your build. This is an impressive feature to kick off our Thermaltake Core V1 case review. This case comes in black but is also available in snow white.

Key Features

A Thermaltake Core V1 build is not a bog standard HTPC for watching movies online. It is for those who want a compact case and yet plenty of power and storage capacity. In terms of disks you can comfortably fit either 2X 3.5″ or 2X 2.5″ hard drives. You can use two motherboard expansion slots with this case and it will take the majority of full height graphics cards. It supports cards with a height of 140mm, outer GPU length of 255mm and an inner GPU length of 255mm. This is great news for the gamers as you will have the option of some of the best graphics chipsets and can incorporate gaming into such a small device. Please ensure that your chosen graphics card will fit the Core V1 prior to purchase.

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Thermaltake V1 Gaming Case

Thermaltake Core V1 Review – Power & Cooling

Next in our Thermaltake Core V1 case review we will look at cooling. Usually when you purchase a mini-ITX case cooling is an issue. The smaller cases mean less free space and little room for air circulation. This is where a Thermaltake Core V1 build is different and really excels. It is designed to take the majority of custom cooling devices both air and liquid allowing you to make use of some real performance components. The advanced chamberisation mentioned earlier provides the perfect air circulation around the case taking away that hot air. A large 200mm fan is positioned at the front of the case and you get the option of two 80mm turbo fans at the rear. For a mini-IT case the Thermaltake Core V1 provides exceptional cooling and makes it a great choice for a gaming HTPC build.

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best mini itx case
Thermaltake V1 Case Taken Appart

In terms of power the Thermaltake Core V1 does not come with a PSU however it provides options. Although this is a mini-ITX case it will take a full sized ATX power supply. This means that you don’t have the expense of the smaller SFX PSUs. It also means that you can take advantage of the higher wattage power supplies if you are going to be using power hungry CPUs and graphics cards. Again, this perfectly fits a small gaming build.

Review – Ports & Noise

The Thermaltake Core V1 mini ITX case has a small panel located on the front left edge for its ports. It offers two USB 3.0 ports, the headphone and microphone jacks and your power and reset buttons. There are also two LEDs for your disk activity. These are all neatly hidden away on the outer front edge so as not to spoil the look and feel of your Thermaltake core v1 build.

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Thermaltake V1 Water Cooling
Thermaltake V1 Gaming Case Cooling

In terms of noise you will find quieter cases. With the Core V1’s large front fan and the two optional rear fans you cannot expect silent running. Bear in mind that this case is designed to allow the use of performance components in a HTPC build and to provide exceptional cooling. You must therefore expect a little noise. That said the noise emitted from the fans is not too bad at all and there are certainly far worse HTPC cases out there. The noise from the Thermaltake Core V1 will not interfere with your movies and music. The case sits on four large rubber feet which lowers vibration levels. Although this case will take a full sized ATX power supply if you want to keep noise to a minimum then take a look at some of the smaller options available.

Thermaltake Core V1 Review – Accessibility

Access to your Thermaltake Core V1 build components could not be easier. Both the side panels and the top can be lifted away giving you full visibility. The chamberisation separates off your core components keeping your inner workings neat and tidy. The top chamber is used for your core components and is optimised for cooling whilst the lower chamber is used for the PSU and cabling. This separation simplifies tuning and tweaks. The Core V1 is extremely easy to work with and allows fast and effective upgrades.

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Thermaltake Core V1 Price

As part of our Thermaltake Core V1 review it is important that we consider its price. For a case that looks great and offers a compact design that still provides space for decent components you will usually expect to pay a fair wack for it but with Thermaltake this is not the case. Its price fits inline with many budget case options and you really do get a lot for your money. You get a quality product that really opens the doors to some top end HTPC designs. Please bear in mind that power supplies are sold separately and this should be factored into your decision to buy. See a range of case prices with our Thermaltake Core V1 price compare above.

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Reasons to

Highlighted below are some of the best points of this product highlighted in our Thermaltake Core V1 case review:

  • Looks great
  • One of the most customisable HTPC cases available
  • One of the market leaders in cooling support
  • Supports performance components & gaming graphics cards
  • Affordable price (See our Thermaltake Core V1 price compare above)
Thermaltake Core v1 Review
Thermaltake Core V1 Profile

HMP Verdict – Thermaltake Core V1 Review

And that concludes our Thermaltake Core V1 case review and this is a top product! A cube style case offers you something different and is a great choice if you want a mini-ITX case with space. The Thermaltake Core V1 is a case for gamers or people who want to take advantage of 4K video streaming. You can can fit a lot under the hood of this product and can produce a HTPC build with some real power. Not only that but the advanced chamberisation that this case offers combined with the support for some of the best cooling devices you can really push your components to their limits.

The Thermaltake Core V1 is one of the most customisable case options out there. You can select from a number of different fan options and change all of the sides of the case to get the right look for you. It’s layout is clean and tidy and its accessibility is exceptional. If you are into tuning and want full control of a high power system then a Thermaltake Core V1 build is an excellent choice. Use our Thermaltake Core V1 price compare above to see how it stacks up against other mini-ITX cases. from amazon now!