The Best Things You Can Do with Amazon Echo & Alexa


The Amazon Echo devices and the intelligent assistant technology have taken the world by storm since their release mid 2015. Alexa’s skill set continues to grow and this list of things you can do with Amazon Echo is forever expanding. If you are yet to purchase and Echo device and you have arrived at this page you are probably asking the question “What Can Alexa Do?” and “Is it something that I would use?”  In this post we look at some of the top things you can do with this technology and the best uses for Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon Echo Price Compare Including Accessories

Compare the pricing of the current Amazon Echo products and a range of Smart Home devices.

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo
Ask questions, set reminders and control your home using your voice. Includes larger speaker. Can be used as full audio system.
Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot
Ask questions, set reminders and control your home using your voice. Control many of your home appliances. Your own personal assistant.
Philips Hue Bulbs
Philips Hue Lights
Control the lighting in your house over wireless with Alexa! Compatible with both Amazon Echo and your phone. Control your home lights when you are on vacation. Requires Hue bridge.
SONOS Play 1 Speaker
SONOS Play 1
Control your sound with Alexa! Stream audio from the internet or wireless devices. Controlled by SONOS app. Link multiple speakers to stream to any room.

The Best Things You Can Do with Amazon Echo & Alexa

So what can Alex do and how could the Amazon Echo technology benefit me? If you have not seen an intelligent assistant device in action before then this is a common question. The list that follows highlight some of the best uses for Amazon Echo and how you can get Alexa to carry out many of your day-to-day tasks. [Read: Amazon Echo Dot Review – What is Alexa & what can She do?]

What can you do with Alexa
Things Alexa Can Do

Answer Your Pressing Questions

Without a doubt one of the most important things you can do with Amazon Echo is find fast answers to your questions. I guarantee this will be one of the first things you do when your Echo device is up and running. The Alexa software has access to the full internet to locate best answers to your questions and commonly uses sites like Wikipedia for her information. One of the first things that will become apparent to you is just how good the Amazon Echo’s voice recognition is and its ability to turn your voice into an internet search query. It also provides super fast response times with a high degree of accuracy. Alexa can be your personal assistant in the room that knows everything! [Read: Whats the Difference Between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot?]

Turn On Your Lights

What can Alexa do in terms of Smart Home technology? Well one thing that is common on the Amazon Echo TV commercials is the ability to control the lighting in your home using voice commands. When this is up and running it certainly feels futuristic and will give your home a very modern feel. Simply say “Alexa, turn off the lights” and your room will be plunged into darkness ready for sleeping. It is surprisingly simple to setup although you do need to purchase additional hardware to make it possible. This requires a wireless controlled bulb system such as or similar. [Read: How to Control Plex with Alexa – Media Streaming Voice Control]

Adjust Your Heating

Staying with the Smart Home concept another one of the best uses for Amazon Echo is adjusting your heating. What’s the point in turning off your lights with your voice ready for bed if you then need to get up to turn off your heating? With an or Echo Dot simply tell Alexa what temperature you would like your room. Use commands like; “Alexa, change my temperature to 20 degrees Celsius” and she will adjust the room to your liking. To adjust your heating with Alexa you will need a wireless controllable thermostat like the or similar. [Read: Steam Link Review – Stream Games to Every Room]

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

Control You TV & Media Devices

Perhaps one of the most useful things you can do with Amazon Echo is control your TV and other media devices. Smart TV itself has come a long way in the past decade so why not add voice control to give it that final touch. If you are a channel hopper you can quickly and easily switch stations without moving a muscle. Switch between apps on your Smart TV or TV box like the Amazon Fire Stick without lifting a finger. There are even skills developed for controlling popular media center solutions like Kodi! Your TV and Media devices must be compatible with Alexa and have skills available. [Read: Best Android UK TV Apps – Catch-up & Live TV]

Make Phone Calls to Friends & Family

One of the newly added best uses for Amazon Echo is the ability to make hands free phone calls to your contacts. Using the Alexa app you can link your mobile phone number to your Amazon account. The software then has full access to you contact numbers. Simply say “Alexa, call John Smith” and she will connect you. Using Alexa you can call mobiles, land lines and even other Echo devices. It’s quite a thrill being able to talk to someone as if they are in the same room as you but without being anywhere near your mobile device! [Read: Best NAS for Plex – A Network Media Server]

News, Weather and Traffic Reports

Are you someone who likes to be in the know and always want be aware of what is going on in the world? Then what can Alexa do for you? Well, you can start your morning with the news headlines for your location by simply saying “Alexa, what is the news?”. She can provide full weather reports for any location that you desire so you don’t get caught out on your trips away. Whilst you are getting ready for work why not ask Alexa to give you a traffic report for your journey so that you can avoid any severe delays. Alexa will keep you fully updated with everything you need to know! [Read: Best Android UK TV Apps – Catch-up & Live TV]

Play Your Favorite Music

Echo devices are not just designed to be personal assistants. They are also intended to become your main music system within your household.  One of the most popular things you can do with Amazon Echo is without a doubt streaming! Alexa has the ability to connect to popular streaming services like Amazon’s Prime and Spotify. Select your streaming service, connect your account and then simply ask Alexa to play a song for you. The internet of music seems endless and Alexa will find your track in no time at all. If music is your thing then I recommend the larger or devices for better sound quality. [Read: Plex Media Server Review – Stream to Multiple Rooms & Devices]

Listen to Your Favorite Radio Stations

Listen to the radio whilst traveling to work? Most of us do but radio in the home seems to have been forgotten about in recent years. One of the best uses for Amazon Echo is bringing digital radio stations back to your living room. Alexa is hooked up to TuneIn radio which is one of the Internet’s best radio streaming services. Simply say “Alexa, play Radio One” and she will begin playing that station. The radio streaming service works out of the box with no additional hardware required! [Read: How to Install Amazon Store on Android – For Apps & Offers]

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Alarms, Diary Entries and “To Do” Lists

What can Alexa do to help you get organised? There are many ways in which an Echo device and Alexa can be used to help to organise your daily life. Ask her to set an alarm or give you a reminder and she will do this at the time and day you ask for it. If you are someone who keeps “To Do” lists and leaves notes everywhere then why not let Alexa look after them for you and you can continually add to them with simple voice commands. The most impressive part of this is that your Alexa app can be integrated with popular smartphone operating systems. This means that you can add your reminders to your mobile phone calendars and create diary entries. You will never be late for another appointment! [Read: How to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV]

Shopping Online with Ease

Amazon is a retailer and a huge one at that. So of course one of the things you can do with Amazon Echo is shop. It has been made extremely easy to order goods using your Amazon account from your Echo device. Simply ask Alexa to order something for you and she can use the bank cards and delivery addresses that you have saved on your Amazon profile. This is particular useful for things that you order regularly that you don’t need to see and do not want to run out of. Be careful however if you have kids as you could be in for a few surprises if they learn how to do this! [Read: Best CPU for Emulation – Computers, Consoles & Arcades]

HMP Verdict – Best Uses for Amazon Echo

If you are yet to purchase and Amazon Echo or Echo Dot device I hope that this list helps you see what possibilities are open to you. What can Alex do? Well, the technology offers far more than just answers to your questions. As I have said in previous posts the number of Alexa skills out there is growing. More and more tech companies are looking to at Echo integration to their products. I do believe that the journey has only just begun and that it will be a few years before we see the full potential of both Echo & Alexa. [Read: How to use Handbrake to Compress Video – Handbrake Tutorial]

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