UK TV Kodi Addons – Live TV and Catch Up


The UK provides some of the very best TV channels and all of the terrestrial stations offer online live TV and catch up services. There are many UK TV streaming Kodi solutions out there that can bring this TV content to your HTPC. Unfortunately not all of the main channels are available for Kodi. In this post I will take a look at the UK TV Kodi addons available for the main TV networks and where you can find them. Where a network has no addon available I will discuss the status of the Kodi solution and alternative methods of deploying to your media centre. Kodi UK Catch UP TV is a great feature and with simple plugins you can enjoy the best TV from the UK on your HTPC.

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UK TV Kodi Addons – Live TV and Catch Up

Why not add Kodi UK Catch UP TV addons to your home screen? [Read: How to Customize Kodi Home Screen – Add Kodi Menu Items]

BBC iPlayer

The BBC is well known around the world and now has a whole host of channels under the name. It produces some of the best drama’s, soaps, documentaries and comedies and of course has no commercials. As with all BBC playing devices you must have a TV license to use the service. The BBC iPlayer Kodi addon is one of the most complete in this list. You can watch all of the available BBC channels live including BBC1 & 2, Documentary, News and even access the red button content. You also get access to some of the best Kodi UK Catch up TV with the majority of the past months shows. The BBC iPlayer Kodi addon is one of the easiest to use UK TV Kodi Addons and is available from the official Kodi repository. [Read: The Official Kodi Repository – Kodi Addons, Skins & Tools]

UK TV Kodi Addons
BBC iPlayer Kodi Addon

BBC iPlayer Addon Install Video Tutorial

The video tutorial below shows how to install the BBC iPlayer addon to your Kodi system. It also gives you a tour of the addon and shows the many ways in which you can search for shows.

ITV Player

Another Kodi UK Catch UP TV addon is ITV Player. ITV is perhaps the largest UK TV station and like the BBC has multiple channels to its name. It offers some of the biggest shows in the UK and produces some of the great boxed sets out there. The ITV Player UK TV streaming Kodi addon allows you to watch all of these channels live or you can watch catch up TV from the past month. With the addon you can select a channel, search for a show or browse through all of the available categories. The layout of the addon is simple making it extremely easy to find the content you are looking for. The ITV Player addon is available from the Xunity repository. You will need to add this repo to your Kodi setup to find the download. [Read: How to Install Addons with Kodi]

Kodi UK Catch UP TV
ITV Player Kodi Addon

All 4

Channel 4 is considered the channel in the UK that does the things that other channels don’t. It offers some unique show ideas and often daring genres. It has online TV services available to web browsers, Android and IOS devices but unfortunately nothing for Kodi. Its encrypted online streams have made it extremely difficult for Kodi developers to create effective addons. There used to me an addon when the service was known as 4OD but unfortunately this no longer works.

Try the Amazon Fire TV Stick for All4 Streaming. [Read: Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare & Review]

If you are running Kodi on an Android device it is possible to call upon your All4 official application from within Kodi. See full instructions to launch Android applications from Kodi. The streams will not play within Kodi but your All4 application will launch when you select it from your Kodi menus. For PC HTPC users your only option is to use a launcher application such as Advanced Launcher to open up a Kiosk web browser within Kodi. This will open Internet Explorer without the top menu bar and default to the All4 website. This solution is a little more difficult to setup but looks great when you have it up and running. [Read: How to Setup Official Kodi Remote on IOS & Android]


Channel 5 is the newest of the UK terrestrial channels. It is a TV station that is growing in popularity and now producing some great shows. The online service is call My5 and allows you to watch both the live channels and catch up from recent weeks. Like with All4 it is a station in this UK TV Kodi Addons that has no simple addon. As with the above the encryption on the online streams has prevented successful addon development. Android users have the option to call upon the official My5 app from within Kodi (See full instructions to open Android applications from Kodi.) and PC HTPC users must setup the afore mentioned Internet Explorer Kiosk. Should a My5 Kodi addon become available I will update this post. [Read: 4 Best Kodi Addons for Old Movies to Find your Favorite Classics]


The final UK TV streaming Kodi addon is UKTV play. UKTV Play is solely a catch up TV service and allows you to watch box sets and shows from a selection of channels including Dave, Really, Yesterday and Drama. The Kodi addon does not allow you to watch the live channels but you get a vast array of content from each of these stations. You can browse either by the TV channel or by the show category. The UKTV Play addon is easy to use and you will not be short of something to watch. You can download the addon from the Xunity Kodi repository.

UK TV streaming Kodi
UKTV Play Kodi Addon


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UK TV Streaming Kodi – Final Thoughts

If you want Kodi UK Catch Up TV or live channel feeds then most can be achieved using addons. Unfortunately there are currently no addons for All4 and My5 but there are other ways to get these shows onto your HTPC. The addons in this list are easy to install and navigate and will give you hours of content to watch. Please ensure that you have a UK TV license to use the BBC content on Kodi.