Western Digital WD 4TB Green Hard Drive Price Compare & Review


Western Digital WD 4TB Green Hard Drive Review

When selecting a hard disk for your HTPC media centre you generally look for three things. Firstly capacity. You want a hard disk to have enough space to hold all of your movies, music and games without having to insert disks and memory sticks. Secondly noise. For systems designed primarily for watching movies you do not want to be constantly interrupted by the sound of clicking drives. Finally efficiency. You want a drive with low power consumption that does not kick out a great deal of heat. With most HTPC media centre cases being compact and tight on space you do not not want additional cooling devices for heat generated by disk drives. Capacity, noise and efficiency are what the Western Digital 4TB Green Hard Drives are all about.

Compare Western Digital 4TB Green Prices

SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB Solid State
Samsung SSD Plus 240GB Hard Drive
240GB SSD. Faster boot-up, shutdown, application load & response of PC. Up to 20X faster than standard drives. Read/write speeds up to: 530MB/s/440MBs. Cool quiet operation.
Samsung SSD 850 EVO Solid State
Samsung SSD Evo Hard Drive
500GB SSD Storage. Samsung’s 3D-Vertical NAND technology for even better performance. Secure data with AES 256 encryption, Dynamic thermal guard protection.
Western Digital 4TB Green SATA
WD 4TB Green Hard Drive
64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb speed. Reduced 40% power consumption. Low temperature & noise. 4 TB, 800,000 photos, 1,000,000 MP3 files, 300 hours of HD video. 2 year limited warranty.

Drive Specifications



Form  Factor 3.5 Inch Capacity 4TB
Interface SATA 6 Gb/s RPM IntelliPower Cache 64 MB

Throughout my posts you will hear me talking about the trade off between performance and price and finding the sweet spot. The same rules apply to selecting hard drive storage capacity. 4TB is currently the sweet spot when buying disk space giving you enough space for thousands of movies, games and albums but without breaking the bank. Depending on the purpose of your HTPC media centre you many never need to upgrade beyond 4TB. Western Digital run a colour scheme for different hard drive types and the Green range is designed for high capacity. Please note that in order to use hard drives greater than 2.19TB you will need a 64bit Windows 7 OS or newer and a motherboard supporting UEFI.

The Western Digital WD 4TB Green Hard Drive uses WD GreenPower technology to improve the efficiency of the hard drive. This technology is designed to ensure a low running temperature and lower power consumption. This in turn improves the reliability of your hard drive and extends the overall life of the drive. Reliability is huge for home media centres. There is nothing worse than a disk failure when the hard drive contains your entire film set or family videos that you have been collecting over the years. The Western Digitial WD 4TB Green hard drive is about as reliable as you can get for home computing.

So what about the performance of the Western Digital WD 4TB Green hard drive? As far as SATA drives go (non-SSD) in terms of speed the hard drive is not bad at all. The RPM for the device is “IntelliPower”. This roughly translates to around 5000 RPM and you get 64MB cache memory. Western Digital define IntelliPower as “A fine-tuned balance of spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms designed to deliver both significant power savings and solid performance.” So although the RPM is lower than some more expensive SATA hard drives the performance is very similar but you get cooler less power consuming drive that will last.

Reasons to Buy Western Digital WD 4TB Green Hard Drive

  • 4TB of storage capacity to support your movie and music collections
  • Quiet running hard drive with minimal noise
  • Extremely energy efficient for a non-SSD hard drive

HMP Verdict

If it is capacity that you want and you have decided to go for a standard SATA device over an SSD hard drive then the Western Digital WD 4TB Green Hard Drive is a great choice. You get 4TB of storage running on a fast enough disk and for a very affordable price. Your data on your HTPC media centre is very important to you and this drive offers the reliability you need to ensure that it remains safe and stable. With all HTPC media centres you want quiet components that will not interfere with your movies and music and the Western Digital 4TB Green hard drive can deliver this. Due to its low power consumption the drive is great for portable media centres and for cases that are tight on space where low temperatures are important. The Western Digital WD 4TB Green hard drives has one of the best price per gigabytes available making it an excellent choice for any HTPC media centre.