XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Compare & Review


XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Review

The XBOX 360 wireless controller is one of the most well designed gaming controllers on the market today and is our controller of choice for HTPC media centres. Since the original Sony Playstation controller hit the market many moons ago gamers have favoured the twin analogue stick setup with 4 action buttons which is the standard the XBOX 360 controller is based. The controller comes with 2X analogue sticks, a directional pad, 4x action buttons, 4X top triggers and the start and back buttons. The controller runs off two AA batteries or the XBOX 360 Play & Charge kit sold separately

Compare XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Prices
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The XBOX 360 Wireless Controller beats all other PC controllers in design, feel and connectivity. It looks clean, well built and with the many designs available it will go with any HTPC media centre. The skins are not interchangeable but the controllers are available in black, white, camouflage and a variety of chrome colours. The controller feels comfortable in your hand making you feel in complete control of your game. The solid feel to the device makes gives the sense of quality which many other controllers on the market do not have including some of the more expensive devices out there. Best of all is the connectivity. At Home Media Portal we have tested a full range of PC game controllers and none even come close to the XBOX 360 Wireless Controller. With this controller you will not experience any drop outs and you get a range of up to 30 feet. This is perfect for the home media centre if you stream content from your media centre to other rooms as the controller will have no issues connecting to your media centre in the room next door.

The XBOX 360 Wireless Controller has other great features. It has an integrated rumble pack allowing you to feel the sounds and explosions generated by your games. It also comes with a connection at the bottom of the controller to link the XBOX 360 headset. This adds another dimension to the on-line gaming experience allowing you to communicate with your friends and opponents. XBOX 360 Wireless Headsets are sold separately.

XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Requirements

To use an XBOX 360 Wireless controller on your HTPC media centre you also need to purchase the XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. This device will allow you to connect up to 4 XBOX 360 wireless controllers to your media centre. You media centre also needs to be running a Windows operating system. It may be possible to use the controller on a Linux based device but this is not supported by Microsoft. Once the gaming receiver is installed adding a controller can be done simply by pressing the sync button on the receiver and on the controller.

XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Price

At its current price the XBOX 360 Wireless controller is great value for money. If you buy a more expensive controller from a top PC brand you will struggle to beat the quality and connectivity of this device. Although the XBOX 360 is no longer a latest generation games console the controller price has remained static due to its popular demand.

Reasons to Buy XBOX 360 Wireless Controller

  • Excellent build quality, better than most PC controllers
  • Very responsive in your games
  • No dropouts in wireless connectivity
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Available in a range of colours

HMP Verdict

The XBOX 360 Wireless Controller is our choice for gaming HTPC media centres. As we stated earlier we have tested a full range of PC controllers and no others come even close. The controller looks great and the connectivity to your media centre is perfect. You can get a wired version of the XBOX 360 controller that is compatible with the PC and for a lower cost but your HTPC media centre will look far better with wireless technology. Gaming PC brands like Alienware use XBOX 360 controllers for the simple reason they are the best choice.