Zalman Z11 Plus Midi Tower Case Price Compare And Review


Zalman Z11 Plus midi tower Case Review

The Zalman Z11 Plus midi tower case can give your media centre the full performance gaming look. It isn’t for every living room with it being a full midi tower case but it does have that kind of Alienware style look which many hardened gamers love. It is a PC case but with that games console feel to it! With every contour and feature the Zalman Z11 PLUS has been built with aesthetics in mind and every element has been given careful consideration.

Compare Zalman Z11 Plus Prices
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Zalman Z11 Plus Midi Tower Case Specifications

Case Weight 7 Kg Colour Black Case Fans 5
Case Dimensions 52.5 x 26 x 49.8 cm USB 2.0 Ports 2 Form Factor ATX
Case Model Number Z11 Plus USB 3.0 Ports 2 Connections Mic, Speaker

If you can put up with the size one of the real benefits of using a midi tower case to build your HTPC media centre is the fact that you have space and can make use of all of the performance components available that are generally bigger in size. With this in mind the Zalman Z11 Plus has been built with both front and side mesh panels to really aid ventilation. The mesh also provides a dust filter keeping your components clean and protected. It allows slight visibility of the inner workings of you machine showcasing your build and design. The case features a reptile look grill on its top also providing ventilation and giving it that mean look gamers love. All of these vents look great in the living room when you add internal LEDs to your case. The image shows a blue glow radiating from the Zalman Z11 Plus which looks brilliant when watching your favourite movies! The power button is located top middle of the case adding to the aesthetics when it lights up. The Zalman Z11 Plus uses the ATX form factor but you can fit both micro ATX and min-ITX motherboards to the fittings. The case has enough internal space and rear slots to support all of the top performance graphics cards. The Zalman Z11 plus dimensions are 52.5 x 26 x 49.8 cm.

Built for performance components and gaming the Zalman Z11 Plus comes with no less than 5 case fans.  There is 1 front, 1 top, 1 rear and 2 for the sides. How many of these required really depends on the computer components you choose so if you know what you are doing you could do away with some of these. For a HTPC media centre build you must bear this in mind as more fans equals more noise. The noise produced from these fans isn’t terrible but certainly needs to be taken into consideration. With all of this cooling the Zalman Z11 Plus has other noise reduction features built into it. The case supports a bottom mounting PSU to hide the power supply deep in the bowels of your system and anti vibration mountings on some of the more noisy components like the hard disks. The case also sits on anti vibration feet which absorb some more of the sound produced. Making use of these features and a bit of customisation on the fans keeps this case in the HTPC media centre category.

In terms of disk drive capacity you get a whole host of internal drive bays (4x 5.25” and 5X 3.5”). This will allow you to add whatever blue-ray players, smart card readers etc you need. You also get the Zalman z11 plus ssd mount which is a bracket designed to hold 2.5″ solid state drives which gives you more choice for your storage.  On the case you get both a microphone and headphone jack and four USB ports 2x USB 2.0 and 2X USB 3.0. These do not look ugly like they do on so many cases and compliment both the look and feel.

When unpacking the Zalman z11 Plus the cooling system of the case is instantly apparent and you can see that it is designed for gaming and high end home computing systems. At first glance you also notice the high build quality and the innovation in the design. The clear window on the side of the case is a nice feature and will look great with carefully selected components and lighting. The gill like vents at the top of the case add to the feeling of performance and the finish on the case is excellent. Along with the Zalman Z11 Plus midi tower case in the box you get all of the screws required for component install and the zalman z11 plus manual.

Zalman Z11 Plus Price

The Zalman Z11 Plus falls in the middle of the market price range for midi tower cases. This product is well worth the money. Generally with PC cases the better it looks the more you will pay and this is not the case with the Zalman Z11 Plus. This case looks similar to some of the cases provided by the top gaming PC brands like Alienware and for these you would pay much more. The Zalman Z11 Plus is a fantastic PC case for it’s price!

Reasons to Buy Zalman Z11 Plus Case

  • Looks great
  • Plenty of space for performance components and storage
  • Excellent noise reducing features

HMP Verdict

We do not usually recommend midi tower cases for HTPC media centres but the Zalman Z11 Plus is a real winner particularly if you are into performance gaming. We say this for the look the case brings and the possibilities it offers. The reptile like shape and cleverly designed contours makes the Zalman Z11 Plus look more like a games console rather than a PC and with the LEDs illuminating from the vents it creates a nice ambience for watching movies. The case will allow you to use the very best components allowing your media centre to deliver the top games in stunning resolutions. As with any media centre noise is an issue and with the fans this case comes loaded with it does need consideration. With the right customisation and the additional noise reducing features this case provides you can get this down to a good level. The Zalman Z11 Plus in our opinion is at the right price point. Sure you can get cheaper midi towers but in the case world you pay for aesthetics and the Zalman Z11 Plus looks great! This case is for the gamers amongst you and those wanting a performance HTPC media centre and for midi tower cases the Zalman Z11 Plus get the thumbs up from us.